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Sujatha having sex with lungi wearer neighbour

My name is Sujatha and I am a horny 19 year old girl who is a very good seducer. Normally, one wouldn’t expect a conventional, typical Tamilian girl like me to be horny and crave men but I do. I am not a whore, I just like fucking strangers. I have a fetish. I like to be fucked by men, who are at least above 30 years old and I like to be fucked by men wearing lungi.

I get so excited when I see so many men wearing colorful block-print lungi on the road and walking, sometimes even pissing on the road, showing a hint of their black dicks. Recently, a man moved into the flat opposite to mine. My parents were working and so I used to be all alone at home from 3 to 8 in the night, studying for my college.

At first, when I saw this man, he was alone. He didn’t have anybody else staying with him. Then, later during the week, he came and introduced himself to our family as Suresh who worked from home 5 days a week.

I was right in judging that he lived alone. Although, he did not seem like the type who would not like drinking or sex, maybe he would fap at home. The next day, in the afternoon, I opened the door to receive a courier. The courier man also rang his doorbell and so I waited there, pretending to see what the courier was about, but it was just to see him.

He opened the door to receive the courier and I saw his hairy chest from my house as he hadn’t worn any shirt. He was wearing a blue block-print lungi. Instantly, my horniness increased. At 4 o clock, I rang his bell and asked if I could talk to him inside his house. He blushed at me staring at his chest. He asked me to come inside, and then turned to find his shirt. I told him to not bother.

I could smell a faint smell of alcohol from his breath. This was my chance. I asked for some water, and when he went to get some from the kitchen, I loosened my shirt buttons to reveal my cleavage. When he came to give me some water, I drank it, and pretended to put the cup down by mistake.

I bowed down to pick it up and my boobs popped right out of my shirt, staring at his face. But I did not bother putting them back in. he first blushed at the sight, and then tried to hide his sight. I told him it was okay. It was natural for him to be attracted by my boobs and that it would be fine by me if he were to look at it or touch it or touch other parts of my body. He understood what I meant.

Drunk men are always horny you see. I slowly took off my shirt and my skirt, standing in front of him wearing just my panties. He hungrily took in my appearance. I told him to come near me, to touch me. He invited me into his bedroom. Then, he looked at me horny and said, “Can I fuck you? “. I said,” On three conditions: 1. it is for pure lust and not love.

I am not interested in marrying you. 2. You will not tell my parents. 3. You will let me do what I want to do and you will do what I tell you to do.” I smiled at him, playfully, and he said, “Ok madam! As you say”. He came near me and took my big boobs in his hands and kissed them. He licked and bit on my nipples. I moaned with pleasure. He then stood up to untie his lungi but I interrupted.

“Fuck me wearing your lungi. I like to be fucked by men who wear only lungi.” He agreed. Then he removed my panties and smelled them. I pushed him onto the bed and raised his lungi. He got up and tied it into half. Then I touched his dick from outside the lungi. It slowly grew to its full length and thickness.

It was a fucking 11 inches long and as wide as Qutab minar. Is took it out of his lungi and massaged his big dick with my hands. I pulled his black foreskin and kissed the pink top. I pushed his dick into my mouth and bobbed my head up and down. I then told him to fuck my mouth. Thrust his dick into my mouth with full ferocity.

He fucked my mouth and finally put the whole 11 inches into my throat. He came in my throat and I drank it. He withdrew, lying down. I straightened his lungi, and then sat on his hairy chest with my pussy touching his chest. Then, I started rubbing my pussy on his hairy chest with great speed, almost cramming his chest and his chest hair was covered by my juice.

Then I licked his chest and sucked his hairy nipples. I like his sweaty armpit and took in the smell of his sweat. I bit his armpit and he moaned in pain. I then ordered him to lick my pussy. He went down, and pushed his tongue into my pussy as I moaned in pleasure. I told him to insert his fingers and then fist into my pussy.

He slowly inserted his fingers one-by-one into my pussy, and then his whole fist. He thrusted his fist inside my pussy as I shook up and down when he pushed his fist into me. I asked him to place his dick in between my boobs and thrust it. He tied up his lungi in half, and then placed his once again erect dick on my cleavage, and I held my breast together as he fucked my boobs.

Suddenly, he put his length between my armpit and he pushed it in forcefully as he moaned with pleasure. I then pushed him down. He did not cum but still I pushed him. I looked at him with a playful anger and said, “You did something I did not ask you to. Now I must punish you.” Then I pulled up his lungi, and smacked his dick. I squeezed his balls and bit it.

I bit his dick and his sensitive top. He screamed with a painful pleasure. Then I turned him around, and raised his lungi to see his asshole. I slapped his butt. Then I thrust my whole fist, all at once, without any warning, forcefully into his hole as he moaned in pain and pleasure. I reached out my hand to pick up a long round bottle, shaped like a thick dick and thrust it into his hole.

He moaned with pleasure. He then, instantly got up, and pushed me down, pinned me to the bed and thrust his 11 inches that was throbbing with energy into my pussy. His lungi got untied from its half-length and so he fucked me with his lungi covering our legs and rubbing against me as his iron bar hit my ovaries again and again.

He said, “YOU WILL PUNISH ME??!!” Then with a playful anger, he fucked me so hard that the bed almost fell apart from its legs because it vibrated as he thrust into me. He bit my nipples hard till they became red. Then, he picked me up and turned me around and thrust his length into my asshole. He said,” I don’t want you getting pregnant”.

He fucked my asshole so hard and my boobs swayed off my body as he thrust his dick into me. He came, finally. He came all over my ass hole and butt. He turned me around and came on my pussy and then all over my boobs and finally, shot a litre of cum in my mouth. I ordered him to lick the cum off my body and boobs.

Then, I ordered him to sit on the bed, while I rubbed his hard dick with my feet and finally made him cum again. This time, he rubbed his cum on his chest hair and nipples and I ate his cum, off his chest.

We did this almost every day from then. We tried out many positions and techniques and also fucked in public after that. We fucked in the park, on the terrace and everywhere. When I say terrace, I am reminded of my threesome with Suresh and the other man…

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  1. I liked the story that i much got horny which led me towards my betterhalf. It was tremondous.

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