Monday , January 30 2023

Summer With My Cousins

I was 18 and a half, and it was the summer after my
sophomore year. My parents were going away for a week to
visit some old friends, so I was going to stay with my
aunt, and two cousins who lived about 6 hours away. My
aunt, who was my mom’s older sister, was extremely nice
and welcoming. My two cousins were girls, Jennifer and
Taylor, 16 and 14, and were cute, sweet girls, who I
could relate to, since we were about the same age. Their
dad had left the family just after Jennifer was born, so
none of us kids knew him.

My aunt and cousins were very friendly and I enjoyed
being around them since I was an only child, although we
very rarely visited them. I always assumed it was
because they lived so far away. After the long drive, we
arrived to the warm greetings that family brings. My
parents visited for a while and then left hastily to
catch their flight. I hadn’t seen my aunt and cousins
for about 2-3 years, so we had a lot of catching up to

We spoke for a while, laughing and chatting away. My
cousins had grown up to be very cute. Jennifer (the
older one) was about 5’5,” and was a light brunette with
plump lips and big round eyes. They both had light
olive/white skin, and were the same tone as me, for we
all looked more or less alike. Taylor had a slightly
lighter complexion, and was a dirty blonde. She had
beautiful blue eyes, and soft features and stood about
5’4″. About the same size, they both had petite bodies,
and small-medium sized breasts. Their rounds butts fit
their small size perfectly.

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