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Sunita Ke Naukaro Ne…

My name is Sunita Khanna.I am 28 year old 5 ft 6 inch very attractive woman with very balanced and hot figure 36-26-38 but my husband does not care about it. We never had physical contact since last 6 months.I needed sex but did not feel having with him don’t know why . My vagina used to get wet while watching hot scenes in hindi movies or some times I watched dirty thing on internet my fantacy was to get Molestationd by 4 to 5 dirty sweaty construction workers or my servents. I wanted them to do dirty thing to me spank me and make me suck their cock .

My family is from Gawaliar and I am married to Sushil Khanna of New Delhi. My husband is very strict, mean and nasty S.O.B. We have our own busness. My husbands father started motor parts buisness and started manufacturing them he was very successful and very kind to workers. After his death my husband who was only child took over buisness and he was very mean spirited unkind person. He was very short tampered. Once he is angry he used to be out of control. From time he was in the house I used to be very scared and tense. He thinks he was very good at time management and used to shout at servents and driver is he saw then idle even for a second. He fired our servent Shenkar and driver Nadeem because they were sat down for few minutes to rest and drink water. Servents argued he slaped Shankar and whan Nadeem tried to stop him he pushed him too argument was heating up and my huband threatened them he will call his police inspector friend the servents backed off saying “sale tere ko dekh lenge”.

I was quite scared but nothing happened. My husband hired new servent and driver. They were looked like criminals to me I told my husband I do not like them he needed to change these people. As usual he did not hear me. But they were seemed to me more inclined to work and when Sushil was and home they used to work with out waisting time and eager to learn from us. Sushil was happly with them but I still was not satisfied. I asked Sushil that if it is ok with him I would like to got to Agra and stay with my mother for couple of weeks before I start my job in the hospital as physical therapist. He said ok. Ramesh the new servent and Shahid new driver asked Sushil since I was not there they also can go for vacation. Sushil said it is ok with him.

After this they started showing their true colors. I asked Ramesh to help me to fix bedsheet because my husband likes it to be without any silvets. It was difficult to do it alone so I asked him to help me. We already did footboard side and now for headboard went inside between wall and headboard and asked Ramesh to do other side. He said that his right arm is hurting can he come to left side and before even I say any thing he started moving in side I did say “ruko main aati hoon”. He ignored it. May be because driver Shahid was saying something to him. There was little space for two people to pass each other but still it was enough space that once can pass other by just little touch. When I was passing my but was in front of him. He left very little space for me I thought I will pass quickly but he kept on hand in front and blocked me. I felt his hot cock rubbing my but cheek and was bulging. He still was talking to driver Shahid. Shahid was saying something I felt “darar me phansa de”. I understood only when he pinned me against the head board when his bulge reach on my ass crack.

I said “peecche hato Mujhe jane do”.

“Madam there is no space” Ramesh said

He firmly fixed his cock in my ass crack. He again was taking to Shahid “phansa diye hain hum darar mein Shahid bhaiya”.

I was getting exited my pussy was getting wet. I my self did not tried hard. But I had to show resistance because Shahid was there too, otherwise I would have ecouraged Ramesh by letting him do what ever he was doing. I was so much deprived of sex that I was to get fucked by even our servent.

I said “Ramesh sahib aate hi honge kam nanhin khatam hua to tum per gussa honge”

He said I am trying, on the contrary he put his hand on the head board and placed it under my boobs and then pushed my back with his chest. Suddenly we heard footstep of my husband. He released me and we quickly fixed the bed. Me stupid husband looked on the bed and was satisfied. I did not know why it was so important for him, though fucking me on that bed was not important. Full filling requirment of my body was not important for him, removing wrinkles on the bed were more important for him.

Rest of the day I avoided Ramesh because Shahid was with him. Later on I send Shahid to get train ticked for Gwaliar. I did not call my mom because I wanted to give her surprize.

Next day I started for Gwaliar at noon so I can reach there early evening. Shahid brought the taxi. I sat in taxi Shahid and Ramesh sat in the front seat with driver. I asked them that are the going some to get down some where. They said they are going to Jhansi to Ramesh’s home.
Trafic was very high and we were getting late on top taxi driver had to stop for getting petrol. By the time we reached to station train started moving we had to run and get into first class AC car because that was in front of us. I did not want to climb but Ramesh said madam get in we will change car on next station. T.T. was standing on door gave me hand and got in the train. Ramesh followed me and Shahid got in from other door. I started moving to II tier ac compartment.

He smiled and opend first ac compartment door for me but I said I have ticked to AC II Tier. T.T. said “Do not worry madam you can sit in first ac till your destination because it is totaly empty train because just going to its starting place”. i still did not want to sit there Because I thought it will not be safe there alone. He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me in. As I was being pushed inside his had slade down from shoulder to my back and then waist and finally I felt his hand squweezing my ass cheek and pushing me towards cabins door.

“Yeh kya badtameezi hai” I shouted with anger and moved his hand off and stared runing to the exit door in my front. He he pushed his fingers in side back of my sari and held it good and kept on pushing me .
“Chhod de mujhe badtameez” I shouted. He opened the door of a cabin and pushed me inside hard. there was total dark in cabin suddenly lights were on. I was shocked to see familiar faces there. after Shahid, Ramesh and T.T. came in there were 7 people cabin was filled with cigrette smoke, there were whisky and beer bottle open and glass were fill with liquor. every body was drinking and smoking.

“Yek kya badtameezee hai Shekhar. Tum naukaro ke eisy himmat main tumko maza chakhaungi. Main abhi Sunil bhiya ko bulati hoon (my husbunds inspector friend). Wo tumhe maza chakhayenge.

“Bula Sunil bhaiya ko” said Shekhar. I now I knew the had my shoulder bag and suit case, cell phone was in shoulder bag.

“Bula Sunil bhaiya ko kutia” Said Shekar. I did not say any thing. He slapped me and pulled my hair hard “Bula Sunil bhaiya ko” and he sappled me 2 to 3 times. ” I will keep on slapping you till you call him bula Sunil ko bolo Sunil bhaiya aa kar mery izzat bachao u ficking bitch”. I stated crying. He slapped me again and again finally I said “Sunil bhaiya aa kar meri izzat bachao.”

One of the guyes jumped down from upper birth.

“Main aa gaya meri bahan par aaya hoon teri izzat lootne.” Man said I raised my head and looked at him It was Sunil Bhaiya. I could not believe that Sunil bhaiya and he was naked. Saali kutiya I made fraindship with your husband to fuck you. But then I thought that it will be more fun to **** you that’s is why I made this plan.

“We are taking care of your khasam too. I we instrucked one of union worker’s pregnant wife who is our slut to use his toilet at the time he always go to toilet and do not lock the door open. As we expected he opened the doore and saw his worker using toilet and got mad and pulled her out holding her hair and beat her up with chappal. She tore her blouse and unwrap her sari halfway and ran out from office and told every body that Sushil is trying to **** her. Workers were looking for chance to get even with him and they beat him up and tore his clothes and painted his face blake and took him around in industrial area beating him with chappals and humiliating him. Now he is in police lockup. We have wrote FIR about him abusing, assaulting and trying to **** and worker. He will be going to jail for at least 3 years. I will make sure that this happens.” Said Sunil.

“What options you have after this your buisness is finished, you will not be able to pay rent of your house and home owner will through you out of house where are u going to live bitch and with no money what will you do?” Said Sunil

“Now you see what this naukar will do to you bitch” Saying this Shekhar pushed me on the seat next to Shahid. Shahid now held my face and looked it hard. ” You know you have juicy lips they will do wonders on my cock” and he started kissing me he had big and thick lips pushed his tounge inside my mouth, Shekhar sat next me and started plying with my boobs and pulled my breast out and started sucking my nipples were getting hard and pussy was getting wet. Any other time I would have loved to keep on kissing me I tried to push him, his kiss was arousing me but I did not want to give up to thes animals wishes.I pushed thim and moving to doore, Ramesh held my pallu and pulled it hard. In a second I lost my sari.My hand autometically went across on my to hide my clevage.I could not belive what happened just now. Shahid now came behind me. I felt his hand on my waist and next thing I felt my petticote was going down. He pulled my nada open. I pushed him and tryed to got out of door. Shekhar caught hold of my underwear. He pulled it so hard that it tore. Every thing was going against me I was almost naked tears were rolling down from my eyes, I was in panic. I put my hands down to hide my pubic area. Then I squat down do hide my private parts.

“How long you are going to hide your choot soon these wild man will tare it apart you bitch” suddeny I heard familiar female voice. It was Meera bai. My husband caught her manstubating with candle. He chased her out beating with chappal.

“Please save me” He to I pleaded to her.

“Ha, Ha, Ha you are very funny. So some day your fucking husband and you can chase me beating with cappal again” Meera said.

Next thing I felt is sharp pain and loud noise. Meera was taking revenge by paddeling me on my gand with her chappal. Stand up you bitch. She was beating me with full force and I have to stand up to save my ass cheeks. He held me hair and pulled me up and started hitting me on face with chappel.

I fell down on her feet and asked her to forgive me. She said ok stand up and follow my orders and from now I am their slut. I said ok and stood up. She asked me to move my hands up from my vagina. I hesitated and got the punishment of two hard slaps on my cheeks. I followed her orders with out further delay. She asked T.T. Ram Singh to make me completely naked. He tore up my blouse and bra in seconds. I did tried to move my hands and they realize.

“Good you kept your hands down you slut you are learning quickly. We will train you completely in few days and make you our permanant rundy.” Meera said.

By now all the men were naked. Shahid was sitting in the front will his long erected cock. Meera asked me to sit down on myh knees and start sucking Shahid’s cock. I looked at her disbelieve and said “I can’t do this”. Meera picked up her chappal again and stareted beating me left and right with her chappal every were and anywhere. I pleaded to her for mercy she got hold of my hair and picked up somebodies belt and started beating me with belt. I held her feet but still she did not stop.

“Aah, please have mercy, aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. please don’t beat me.” She did not listened. I ran and put Shahid’s cock in my mouth. I started sucking his cock wigrously. Meera was still beating me but she stoppened in few minutes. She pulled my hair and made me look up and spited on my face. then she pushed me back to suck Nadeem’s big dark cock. I was humiliated and treated like slut. Ram sing started rubbing his cock on my gand. I suddenly felt tingling in my choot and my nippels started getting hard. I started getting wet in my choot.

“Aaaaaaaaaahhhh , aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh please don’t. Ram Singh was rubbing his lund on Sunita’s gand and choot. He pushed his funger in Sunita’s chut. “aaaaaaoooooooonnnnnnnoooooooooooooooooooo.” He choot was getting more and more chudasi.She wanted Ram Singh to stop teasing her and put his lund in her lund hungry choot.Final

Finally Ram Singh put his cock on my choot and pushed it hard. “aaaaaaoooonoooooooo” she cried woth agony. Her almost virgin and lund ki pyaasi choot which was not propery fucked by my incapable husband who could not satisfy pyaas of my choot. Big lund was entering her choot.
“Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhh raham karo dard ho raha hai.” Sunita cried.

“Iski choot to bahut chudasi hai. Yeh chudail aaurat hai”. He started fucking me harder and harder.

” Aaahhhhhhhhh, aaaahhhhhhhh please raham karo dard ho raha hai.” She cried.

” Ram aur jor se chod sali ko phad de is randee kee choot.” Said Nadeem

Shahid was fucking her mouth. He was moving faster and faster. He held her hair and pushed her lund in her mouth upto her throat. He was redy to cum. He Moved his cock slowly in her mouth sparying his cum and took mujhe pahle his lund out and spray his cum on her face.
“Mera lund chat kutia” Said Shahid forcing his cock in her mouth. Nadeem made sure that she lickes all cum sticking on his cock and also rubbed his cock to her face to spred the cum on her face.

Ram was ramming her choot faster and faster hes balls were hitting her chootads and making thumping noise. “AAAaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh, oooooooohhhhhhhh, I am cumming, aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh mazaa aa gaya, aahh aaaaahhhhh” Ram cum in Sunita’s choot. Ram held Sunita’s waist tight pushed his lund in her choot and stepped backwords keeping his cock in her choot so no cum can come out. He care fully sat down on seat pulling her on his lap. Sunita’s face was slobbered with Shahid’s thick cum. Ram wanted to seed her with his sperms. In fact all of them wanted to make her pregnant.

Nadeem took replaced Ram Singh. His cock was thicker then Rams Singh and it was surcumsized. He put his cock on Sunita’s cunt lips and pushed Sunita shouted loudly with pain. “Uuuuuuiiiiiiiii Aammmmmaaaa main mar gayi”. Nadeem’s supada was hugh it send vawe of pain in Sunita’s body. He stopped and then with one jurk he pushed his full cock inside Sunita’s tight cunt. He felt very nice her cunt was lot tighter then his wife’s cunt and all other slut’s and prostitutes he has fucked.

“Rani mazza aa gaya kaya tight choot hai 16 saal ki laundia jaisy.” Nadeem Said. “Meera bai is kutia ko apani gand aur choot chusao.”
Meera put her cunt on Sunita’s face. “Get started you bitch suck her choot and gand well other wise I will tare your nipplers of your boobs.”
She started sucking Meera’s choot immedialy. Sunita was now enjoing Nadeem’s thick cock strocking her choot furiously.

“Haaa haaaaaaaa jor chodo meri choot fad do, mera balatkar pehle kyon nahin kiya, aur jor se chodo.” Rubbing of Nadeem’s cock on her clitoris drove her crazzy. She never felt like this before.” Main jhad rahin hoon (I am cumming). Aaaaaahhhhhhh.” She sucked meera furioulsy. Meera was all wet. “Kutia teri jaban to lund se bhee mazzedar hai. You fucked me with your mouth I too am cumming.” Meera said.

“AAAAAhhhhhhhhhhh, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh is kutia ke choot 16 saal ki ladki se bhee tight hai mere ko intni jaldi jhada di kutia ne. aaaaahhhhhhh.” Nadeem started shooting his cum in Sunita’s choot.

Meera made her slurp all cum cumming out from her choot. Then she asked Sunil to give her bottle of whisky. She lied down on her back on Sunita’s body and lifted her choot up and poured some whiksy in her choot and then she sat on Sunita’s mouth. “Now you drink this from my choot randi” said Meera. She made Sunita drink whisky from her choot. Sunita said “Aur pilao na didi”. With Suroor of Sharab and sex Sunita feeling heavenly pleasure. She was trynig to get up.

“Mujhe Peshab aa raha hai” said Sunita.

“Too chal” Meera Said. Sunita started walking naked.

“Let us give her bath with peshab and make her drink it too” said SunilSunil, Shankar,Nadeem and Meera followed her. Sunita was drunk and walking slowly taking support of wall. Meera caughtup will her and supported her and took her to toilets. Every body surrounded her as she squated on toilet seat and started pissing.

“Aab tu mera peshab piyegi”said Meera. Sunita tried to resist but Shankar held her hair strongly. Meera put her vegina on Sunita’s mouth and started pissing making her drinking her piss, she tried to move her head, Shankar held her head strongly. Then she gave up. Sunil and Nadeem. aimed at her open mouth when they were done, Shanker asked her to get up and anked her to bend and touch her hand on floor. He pushe his fingers into her vagina and speaded it and put her semi-erected lund in Sunita’s choot and pissed in her choot. Then told Sunita to take shower since Ist a/c had showers in toilets. Every body came back to cabin and sat down to relax before Shanker, Sunil and Baba a dada from labour union who got Sushil trapped start fucking Sunita.

Sunita took couple of gulps from whisky bottle and that said now since she have become your slut I want to taste everybodies cock in my pussy cunt and mouth. She bent down in front of Shankar and started sucking his cock, his cock was hard as it is by looking at Sunita’s hot figure.

He asked me to get up and spread my legs he moved on the edge of berth. Then he asked me to sit down on his knees and he pulled my legs up and pushed behind his back and put his and on my hips and pulled. She wMolestationd up her legs behind Shanker’s back. Shanker positioned his cock on her Vagina and pulled her more his cock entered in her wet vagina easily. He had 7 inch thick cock and made its presence felt in Sunita’s cunt she hugged him while fucking and started kissing him whildly. She was so excited and wet that pumping of his cock was making fuch fuch noice. Rubbing of his thick lund on her clitoris was giving Sunita more and more excitement and pushing her on seventh heaven. Her eyes were half closed she was moaning louldy. “I am your randi I will do any thing to please you, you guys have full filled my fantacy and gave me so much mazza which I was deprived of my whole life by my hijda husband. He was not able to fuck me like man that is why he was bossing everybody aroud to show his man hood”.

“Sunil bhaiya jail main us hijde kee gand marwa do and let him know that I wanted him to know that I asked you to get this done to show him his place. I want to crush his false manhood.” I asked Sunil bhai to do this favour to me. By the time we reached Gwaliar I was fucked by every body and tasted cum of all of them. I was so dead drunk that I did not even botherd to put on my cloth and wanted to come out of train naked. They dragged me back in train and then after that I do not remember any thing.

I woke up in strange house. It was about 2 O’clock, there was a naked lady sleeping beside me her name was Preeti. I asked her where am I she said she does not know whose house it is only she knows name of the street where this house is. She told me she was a prostitite and she meets customres at this house. I was happy to hear that being prostitute I can have lots of cocks every day. That can makeup for the sex live I did not have for so last 7 year. Preeti gave me to chicken, sabzi and tandoori roti which I never could had in my house because of my vegitarian husband. I asked her if she has any whisky or beer. She called a boy from downstairs and gave him some money to get whisky and beer both, She was still naked. I went and took bath and came out naked. She looked at me and smiled.

“Where do you do you dhanda?” Preeti asked

“I am not a prostitute but I would love to be one.” I said.

Preeti looked at me with suprize. Then I told her my story and told her how much I loved to get fucked. She said she will train me and since then I am in BUISNESS. After sometime another girl came to work too. She was ordinary looking. Meera called after sometime to let us know that Shanker and Nadeem are bringing one customer. We put on cloths and got ready while getting ready
Preeti told me that she was crazy about sex since I was in school. She ran away from home couple of time with people of double of her age. Finally parents kicked her out and she had no place to turn to and luckyly she got into Nadeems taxi and told him point blank she wants to become prostitute. Soon Nadeem Shankar and customer were here. His name was Raju.

“Kitna loogi” asked customer. He was looking well off with his cloth. Preeti wanted to say some thing but I signaled him to keep quit. I told him that we will give him mazza of life time but it will cost him 40,000 Rs. He said the man brought him said 5,000 Rs. I said yes girls may doo that just for laying down under you and you can move your waist up and down and cum and pay 5,000 and go. If that is what you want to do. Than he asked what will you do in 40,000. I said two of us will give you pleasure of life time and we will not stop till you ask us to stop and we do not bargain. He said though He is a. buisnessman but does not carry this much of money in the pocket. He has to go to ATM.

“We mean both of you” He asked me.

“I said yes and we do not work alone” I told him.

“And I can keep on going till I feel like I had enough.” He asked again

“You do not even have to ask are fuck us we will keep on fucking you, sicking you, take your cock in our ass till you say “BUSS”.” I told him

“OK I will go and get money” he said.

“You can give it to Shanker or Nadeep when they will drop you back to your hotel. I trust you.” I said.

Preeti was nervous about it. I told Preeti do not worry about it. He will pay.

I asked what does he want to drink. He was suprized. He asked for whisky but first he asked how much I said do not worry we will not charge him for drink. I brought bottle of whisky and 3 glass and some snacks to eat. I asked him if he had some food he said no but he will eat when he will be back to hotel I told him he will not enjoy drinking and sex if he is hungry and we want to satisfy him in every way and asked him does he eats nonveg he said yes. I asked Nadeem to bring some butter chicked, sabzi, dal raita and roti for all of us. He looked at he as if he did not like that I said it is customer service and told him satisfied customer will come back and bring more customers. He understood and smiled. Shanker laughed and said “Wah ree randee too in sab kee amma nikly.”

I asked him to sit near me and touch my Breasts. He touched my boobs from out side of my blouse. Preeti started kissing him and caressing his lund from out side of his pants. I kissed his chest. chin cheeks and then lips and guided his hand inside of my bouse. His lund was started getting hard. I opend his zipper and put my hand inside his fly and touched his lund softly. Preeti took his other hand and put on her choot. I made him open hooks of my blouse and Preeti aksed him to untie her sari and peticoat. I sat behind him and started opening his shirt and ribbed my boobs on his back and nibbled his ear lobs. All this activity drove him crazy. He was enjoing two beautiful women woking on him. In no time we peeled his cloths off. I took his lund in my mouth and started sucking slowly and swallowed whole of his lund while Preeti feeded him her nipples and pushed whole of her brease in his mouth. She then pushed me away from his lund as if she is fighting and competing with me to have his suck lund I then started sucking his balls and licking his ass. Soon I pushed Preeti and took his lund in my mouth.

He loved all of this action specilly two beautifull ladies competing for sucking his lund. He really felt special. He was moaning heavily and asking me to stop other wise he will cum. I told him we want to taste his cum beside cumming now will make him last longer next time when he will fuck us.

He cummed in my mouth and on face. Preeti licked cum from my face and she licked some of cum from my tounge. He loved the way we shared his cum. Preeti started kissing me and we both sucking each others nipples and then choot and cum in each others mouth.

Nadeem dropped Shanker with food and went to make is taxi runs. We had food and then went back to have sex. This time he took lead and started kissing us one by one and sucking our nipples and turned us on we started moaning. He started fucking me I was very excited and moaning held his gand and pushing him down hard when he was pumping, I was having endless enjoyment. He kept on pumping hard and was about to cum it.

“Yess pump hard bahut mazza a raha hai. Aur jor se chodo mujhe choot phad do meri. aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh I am cumming, Aahhhhhhh aahhhhh. Raju too bahut aacchee chudai karte ho. Ooooooohhhhhhhhh I am cumming. Aaah aaaaaahhhhhh aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh.” Aur main jhad gai.

Raju still was going strong. Now he Jumped on Preeti. Preeti choot too was wet by seeing all that fucking and moaning. She was eagrly waiting for her turn.She saw Suneeta cumming she lied down next to her.

“Mere Raja meri choot to tere se chudne ke liye taras rahi hai. Put your hard lund in my choot”. Said preeti. Raju jumped on Preeti and started fucking her. Preeti also enjoyed the way Raju fucked her. There was some passion which she did not felt in other customers. She got more and more excited and moaning.”Oooohhhhhh Raju too aab tak kahan tha tere jaisa pyaar se chodne wal mujhe mil gaya hota to uski gulam ho jati main.” Said Preeti.

“Oohhhhhhh jore se chod mujhe bahut mazza aa raha hai. Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh ohhhhhhh I am cumming.” Preeti was moaning loud.

“Aaaaaaaaahhhhh I am cumming, oooohhhh you girls are fucking good.” He was fucking harder and hard harder.

They cum togather. Both the girls said to Raju he can call them any time and whenever he wants them. He does not even have to pay. Raju was very happy that girls liked him.

Sunil Bhaiya came a week later. Preeti and me made him as happy as we could. I asked him whereabout of my husband he said he is in jail but will be released soon. I asked him is he getting fucked by goons as I wanted he said he made arrangements for him to be kept strongest and worst criminal which known be be fucking brutaly. I got him fucked in fromt of me and he was crying for mercy and I told him that you wanted that and you are our slut not and doing dhanda for us.

“Thank you” I said “And please give my address to him here once he is out I know he is going to come to me, my revenge is not done yet” I said again. I spoke to Mehbooba a hijda I came to know couple of days back and talk to her about my husband and told her how I want to make him pay for his brutal behaviar to me.Mehbooba told me she will help me. Mehbooba and me made lesbian love and I liked her she messaged my body and I was turned on and then she sucked my boobs and choot hard till I cummed. She told me that she will make my husband hijda and sell his body as prostitute. I loved the idea.

As I guessed my husband was here he came and knowcked my doore I knew that what will happen so i was ready.

I wore transparent blouse without bra so my breast were showing totaly and I wore tansperent thon which was showing my Jhante (pubic hair) and my ass. I had a cigarette in mouth and whisky addha in my han Since there wwas evening there were 8 to 10 girls were there. He came inside and looked at me with disbelieve.

“what are you doing. How dare you to do this. Jahar kha kar mar kyon nahin gai yeh sab karne ke pahale you dirty bitch.” He said.

I took deep cash of cigarette and blew smoke on his face saying “Look you asshole you are just comming out of jail and giving me lecture. And what have you given me in my life other than misery. You tormented me, beat me and sevents like and animal to show that you are a man. It was because you were not man enough you are fucking hijda and you could not even came closer to satisfy me.”

He was stunned and then I laughed and announced this pease on shit has peanut size penus, when he was in jail I sent some men to fuck his gand so he may know what does he need to be a man. “So did you enjoyed Rajan and Yusuf’s big cock Honey who took away you virginity and made you their randi” My ward made him very angry.

He said ” So it was correct that you…you.” He stopped but I completed sentense ” got your gand fucked yes I did? Did you have fun did not you at lease you came t. o know how a real man’s feels didn’t my sweetie. Mazza aaya na jab tery gand ka balatkar hua”. Listening to this my husband’s face got red. I new what will be his reaction.

He came to slap me I stepped back and bent back little to dodge his slap then when he was comming back to position I stepped forward and swung my hand and slaped him hard. He was shocked and before he attack me I moved my knee and hit his balls. He growled loud with pain and I pulled his hair and pulled him up and punched his stomach. He sad down on his knees. Now he was mine ( Our body gard tought me all these tricks). I spread my leggs and locked his neck in my thighes and pressed tightly. I asked one of the girls to call malikin. Meera told me to call her if Sushil shows up (Meera she was incharge of that slut house and preffered to be called milikin). She came promptly. Mean while I asked Yusuf to get one chair and we tore Sushil pents make him nacked and tied his legs to back rest side and bent his ass on back and tied his hands on front.

She said look how is here and asked did you take care of our guest. I told her we fed breakfast but she has to feed him lunch.
She look out her leather chappal and started paddeling him hard with cappal he cried for mercy.

“Kamine aab mazza aaya humen kaise marta tha kutte?” Said Meera. “Aab bol kaun hai Malik too yaa main. Kutiya ka pilla”.

She kept on beeting him till his ass became very red. He cried and kept on saying aap ho milikin please aab mujhe jane do main kabhi nahin aaunga yaahan.

“Nanhin saale aabhi tery bibi ka intekam poora nahin huaa hai”. She asked Yusuf to drag his chair to my room and a I told Yusuf to fuck his ass. Yusuf love to fuck asses. He fucked my ass so many time with his gigantic cock. Though it hert but I loved it it was sweet pain. Yusuf wanted to bring oil I said no just use spit. Yusuf did stopped I put some spit on Sushil’s ass and then went in front of his face and put his mouth on my choot very hard I wated to feel the vibration of his shout in my choot Yusuf came in front of Sushil and opened his nada I showed his big black cock to Sushil.

“Kyon Mangta Kya chalega na. Mazza aayega na jab yeh lund tery gand mein jayega bina tel (oil)” I asked Sushil. He was speechless looking atich very thick black cock. He got panicked.

“No please main wada karta hoon kabbhi tere pas naahin aaunga. Mujhe maaf kar do” Sushil said.

“And how nice you want to get away so cheep asshole you tormented me for 4 years. I will punishe you for at least form that many months. Yusuf is kee gand chodo.” I said and put his mouth on my choot

Yusuf put his big giant lund on Sushil’s gand and pushed it, Sushil made loud sound with agony. Yusuf pushed harder now.

“AAaaaaaaaaaaaoooooooaaaaaaaaa mar gaya koi mere ko bachao raham karo main mar gaya aaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooaaooooooo dard ho raha hai.” his voice was muffled because his mouth was on my choot I loved vibration of his voice in my choot.

I signaled Yusuf and he pushed his lund in Sushil’s gand with full force.


His cry gave me little peace. Once baster shouted at me so loud with throwing plate on tha wall that I peed my salwar and it became wet. Thinking of pee I felt like peeing and though I peed little bit ago. I peed in his mouth and made him drink that.

He was crying begging to stop and Yusuf was fucking him mercilessly as hard as he could. Yusuf seeded him with his cum. Shabnam hijda came too. We made Sushil drink whisky. The I told Shabnam to wax him and put do some make up and put him sari or salwar kurta.

Now Shekhar, Nadeem, Ramesh, Shahid came and I asked them to fuck him. They surrounded him and then Sunil came Sushil was shocked seeing him.

He only could say “Too bhee”. Sunil laughed “Teri bibi itna garam maal hai ki uska to hune jum kar balatkar kiya usko randi banake dhande me dal diya aur wah hamar ahsan manti hai, ki usko hamne chood chood kar jindagi ka asli mazza diya jiske liye woh kai saalo se taras rahi thi, jo log tere naukar the unka hukam bajati hai unke hukam per nanga nachti hai aur shadi main bhi jaa kar paise ke liye nanga ho kar nach nach kar apna nanga jism dikha kar logo se paisa leti hai. Aab woh teri bibi ke malik hain aur aab saale tere bhi, tujhko to hum aab hijda bana ke tere se dhanda karvayenge. Too grahakon ke pas ja kar unse apni gaand marva kar paisa legaa.” Sushil was informed again about his fait.

One by one every body fucked his gand humiliated him and make his suck their cock and seeded him with their seed and showed him his place. They were enjoing the humiliating to person who treated them lick shit now it was there time to get even. Now they fucked Sunita and showed him that how much she enjoyed sucking their cock getting her choot and gand fucked by them.

Sunita was proud of her work to humiliat Sushil. She and Shabnam draged him to bath room and waxed his body and try to put him sari but he was not cooperating. Sunita pulled his hair and put his head between her leggs and paddled his ass with her chappal brutally till it became red. He begged her to stop and said he will wear sari but Sunita did not let him go and kept on spanking him with chappal till she though he was punished enough and told him that not to disobay her again. She told him that she is going to piss in his mouth and to keep drinking her piss. He sat down with open mouth she called every body to pee on him. They gave him golden shower and she aimed for his mouth. He drank her and Meera’s piss.

After he took shower and Shabnam did his makeup. She also piersed his nose and ears. Put him nose and ear rings. He was good looking any ways. All the gaand fuckers like him and he was making good money for us. We got him female hormonal treatment.

He tried to run away after a week but we caught him. This time we got his manhood removed to he was pemanant hijda. I was loving being prostitute became very popular in the area. I was making money. Best thing was I that I was getting money to get entertained. I could not be more thankfull to Shekhar , Nadeem, Shahid, Meera, Sunil and Ramesh. They brought such a enjoyment in my life.

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