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Sunny meets her neighbor in a different manner

Sana had been married for 10 years (tied the knots at 18), and had a daughter right after her marriage to Salim, but since then, their sex life had slowed down significantly. Part of the problem was that he worked late hours, and he trained the kids, so when he came home, there wasn’t much vigor left to do anything pleasurable. They had matured into a routine suburban lifestyle with a house, soccer practices and foodstuff etc. But Sana desired more.

She was a very attractive natural redhead, about 28 years old, 5′ 7,” with a very firm body and completely freckled and suntanned legs. She was a little alert of her weight, but she still got the interest of most men when she walked by, particularly if she was wearing something skin stretched on her beautiful butt! Sana had a very high sex drive, so there were many days when she was home alone that she desired to take care of herself with her monster vibrator. Sometimes, she fantasized about a charming guy she had met that day, sometimes it was a movie star and sometimes it was even her husband’s friends. But lately, her fantasies involved other men. Including her neighbor, Ali.

Ali lived a few houses away down the street. He was about 6′ 1,” dark hair, firmly built, blue eyes and a nice smile. He worked out some at the gym, but it didn’t guzzle his life. He was living with his girlfriend, but whenever they met at the mailbox, he always had something nice to say to her about her look and there was a noticeable attraction between them.

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