Thursday , March 23 2023

Surprise For Daughters, Surprise For Dad

It had been seven years since my divorce and things were going quite well for me. My career had really taken off and, despite alimony and child support, I was able to afford things that I previously hadn’t. One thing that I had always dreamed about was a summer home on a lake. My ex wife and I had spent hours talking about it, even going so far as to pick up resort area newspapers and talk half seriously about the time we would actually be able to afford one. Unfortunately our marriage didn’t last long enough to see it, but I hadn’t let go of the idea and finally it was a reality. Now, I wasn’t quite in a position to buy a summer palace, so I bought what one might call a “unique fixer upper opportunity” and proceeded to work at making my dream finally come true. I closed on the place in February and immediately began taking the four hour drive north every other weekend to work on the restoration.

The weekends I wasn’t working on the place I was spending time with my two wonderful teenaged daughters. I was only seeing them every other weekend due to their hectic school schedules. Amanda, my oldest was 17 and the original social butterfly, senior class president, cheerleader, and seemingly more activities than I could keep up with. She was a petite blonde, blue eyes, light skin and a beautiful body that even a father couldn’t quite ignore. The difficult thing for me was the reality that no man could ignore it. Her sister Jenny, at 16 only a year younger, was in many ways her complete opposite. Not to say that Jenny wasn’t beautiful as well, she was, but in a completely different way. Jenny had inherited her looks from my side of the family which was Greek and Italian so she had long dark hair, brown eyes and gorgeous olive skin. Only their cute little noses and dimpled chins could identify them as sisters. Jenny was different in other ways as well, she was the more studious of the two, although both girls got good grades, and was far more reserved with a small group of friends. She dated from time to time, but was nowhere near the boy magnet her sister was.

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