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Sushma Forced and Humiliation

One fine morning, Ajay was sitting in the hall and reading newspaper, his wife had left for a temple. Sushma was busy with sweeping the home. As she switched off the fan in the hall to start sweeping, Ajay looked up. Sushma was as usual dressed in a half sleeve shirt, a skirt. She had woken up early and had bathed.

“Uncle, breakfast is ready. I’ll serve breakfast if you want.”

“That’s fine. I’ll have it when I feel hungry.” Ajay replied.

“Uncle, sorry for coming into your home and disturbing you like this” said Sushma in a crying voice.

Ajay was shocked at hearing the voice and enquired, “What happened Sushma? Why are you crying?”

“Nothing Uncle, it just seems that you are not happy at having me here, you don’t even talk with Amma much. You always look stern.”

“Ha ha ha. I’m always like that. In fact I’m happy that you are helping out Aunty. How are your studies getting on?” lied Ajay. Truth be told he didn’t like having her in their home.

“It’s going good Uncle. Aunty got me money to buy the books.”

“Do you have enough time to study? Aunty is not over working you right?!”

“Nothing like that Uncle. I have enough time to study. Aunty has been very kind to me.”

Since that morning, Ajay began talking with Sushma normally every day, they greeted each other, enquired about their daily routine and started spending time every day. She was extremely innocent and was a jovial girl. Ajay started noticing her even more every day. He and Leelavati got her new clothes and nighties to wear inside home. She was very happy. Ajay porn habits didn’t stop, he regularly masturbated thinking of Shruthi Hasan.

One morning while Ajay was sitting in his usual place in the sofa, Leelavati was busy doing some work in the back, Sushma started sweeping the floor, she was in her nighty and she bent over to pick something up from the floor, Ajay managed to get a glimpse of her beautiful boobs, it was over in a fraction of seconds and Ajay got instantly hard.

He started noting Sushma on that day onwards, she was only an average looking dark girl but her physique was good, she had no fat in her body, her figure looked delightful with firm buttocks and shapely legs. Her boobs were a bit difficult to judge for Ajay, most Indian girls wear tight bras, inner wear inside their clothes. He always managed to sit at a higher level opposite to her so he could look at the fleeting view of her boobs. Ajay was getting turned on daily by Sushma’s young figure, he started jacking off thinking about Sushma instead of Shruthi Hasan.

One day, Sushma was in a good mood, she was laughing with Leelavati and carelessly broke a costly camera, Ajay got instantly mad,

“Quit your stupid laughing and concentrate on the work, do you know how much it costs?” He always had a short temper.
Sushma immediately started crying and apologising profusely.

“Sorry Uncle, it slipped from my hands.”

Ajay gave her a contemptuous glare and walked away. He instantly felt bad. At night, Leelavati came to bed,
“What’s this Ajay, she is a poor young girl away from her parents. Why were you so harsh on her? She has been crying all day.”

“What am I supposed to do?”

“Go and console her. She is in her room.”

Ajay had been feeling bad all day and he decided to go to her room. The door was open, he knocked and called,
“Sushma are you awake?”

There was no answer. She was lying on the bed with her face on the pillows, Ajay could make out this from the night lamp. He decided that she was asleep and started to leave.

A timid voice called out “Uncle?”

Ajay turned around and came inside the room and switched the light on. He said,
“I thought you were sleeping.” He looked at her face, her eyes were red. She replied,
“I just woke up hearing your voice. I’m really sorry Uncle for breaking the camera” she said in a crying voice and started crying again. Ajay sat near her in the bed and put a consoling arm around her and gave her a squeeze.

“It’s alright, I have a short temper. I shouldn’t have shouted at you like that, I had no right to.”

“No Uncle, it was my mistake, you have every right. Here after I won’t act in any way that angers you.”

Ajay’s heart was moved by her words but the beast inside him started waking up after seeing her in her bed, in her night dress, he was able to see her bra as she had not adjusted her clothes. Ajay pulled her close and felt her boobs as he gave her a quick hug and said,
“It’s alright.” He gave her a quick kiss on her cheek. Sushma looked stunned and embarrassed. She gave Ajay a small smile. He said good night and left her.

From that night onwards, Ajay became mad about Sushma, she was absolutely attracting him without her knowing. He started making excuses to touch and feel her. He masqueraded his pats on her back, quick squeeze of her thighs while they ate lunch or dinner as compliments.

He decided that he must have her at any cost. One day when Leelavati was out visiting a temple, Sushma was washing the dishes over the counter, we usually kept the utensils over the kitchen sink, so one has to reach over the sink to get a plate or anything. Ajay went with the sole intention copping a feel on Sushma. He went in to the kitchen and leaned over Sushma under the pretense of taking a place. While he leaned over her, he pressed his hard manhood into the back of her ass, he thought he felt no protest from her, he pressed even more suddenly Sushma pushed him and turned back shouting,
“Uncle what are you doing???!!”

Ajay was shocked and tried to save the situation, “Oh sorry Sushma, I couldn’t reach the plate. Can you get it for me?”
Sushma glared at him and got him a plate, “take it Uncle.” Ajay felt that she found out about his intentions. Over the next few days Sushma continued to glare him and not talk with him properly but she hadn’t mentioned anything to Leelavati, for that Ajay was happy. But he was getting mad with Sushma over her attitude towards him. He felt that she owed him her as he was keeping her in his house, he felt that ever since he forgave her for the broken camera and showed her his soft side, shy and timid Sushma was getting contemptuous and hard headed.

One day after Ajay and his wife went to a relative’s house and spent the entire day there and Sushma was alone in the house. While coming back, Leelavati asked him to go to house as she wanted to go to a pooja in a temple. As I went inside the house, Sushma came out and told me in a crying voice that she had broken the TV. The TV was wall mounted and apparently she had tried to clean it by lifting the TV up and it had fallen over.

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