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Sushma Forced and Humiliation

“Sorry Uncle. It happened accidentally”. That was the first time she had looked him in the eye and spoken to him. Ajay was furious with her and screamed at her,
“Stupid bitch! Can’t you do work properly? Stupid village piece of shit!” Sushma broke into tears, and Ajay got her by her hair and shouted,

“I should’ve kicked you out of the house the day you broke the camera.” Ajay had gotten his chance, he knew that he was never going to sweet talk her into submission, this was a perfect chance for him to show her who is boss and get what he wanted by force. He wanted to break her.
He dragged her into her room by her hair, she was screaming with pain.

He growled, “shut your mouth, I should not hear one more sound” Sushma was scared and did not utter a single sound. He sat on the bed in her room and pulled her across his lap. He pulled her skirt up, she was wearing old panties. Sushma was squirming and tried hard to get out his hold. Ajay held her steadily with his strong hands and kneaded his elbow onto her back very hard. Ajay yanked her panties down and finally he could see her dark brow bare bottom. He gave a very hard slap right across her buttcheeks.

Sushma screamed “Ahhhh”. Ajay was afraid that the neighbors were hear. He got her panties and shoved it right into her mouth. He told her menacingly,
“If I hear one more sound, I’ll use the cane instead of my hand”.

She nodded her head, her face was covered with sweat and tears. Ajay proceeded to slap her butt cheeks very harshly. Every hit he increased the power and speed. He could feel her breasts on his thighs and his cock was pushing through her belly. Ajay was immensely turned on by every hit and he dug his cock into her belly. He continued to slap her bottoms till he came in his dhoti. Her bottoms were red with the slapping, he had controlled his desire to bang her that moment, but he wanted to savor her slowly. He pushed her into the bed and told her,

“Don’t you dare break anything again. Put you panties on and go make coffee.” And he left the room.

Just as Sushma had finished making coffe, Leelavati came and asked about the broken TV, Ajay said,

“It fell down when I was putting in the pen drive.”

Sushma came with the coffee and Ajay told her to sit down on the floor, knowing that it would cause her immense pain, with a sadistic grin across his face. Days passed since the spanking, Ajay wanted to take her slowly, he had all the time in the world. In the subsequent days of the spanking, Sushma had become subservient and afraid of Ajay all the time, he kept slapping her ass every time he got, or he would put his hands up her skirt and traced a line on her ass crack.

Sushma was in a dilemma, she couldn’t tell Leelavati due to her fear of Ajay and she was not able to tolerate Ajay antics. One day when Leelavati was not in the house, Sushma was working in the kitchen, Ajay went into the kitchen and hugged her from behind. He started dry humping her on her ass, Sushma tried to wriggle out of Ajay’s hold and accidentally put her elbow across Ajay’s face and hit him on his forehead.

Ajay got mad and held her by her hair shouting, “you bitch!!” He dragged her by her hair into the bathroom and pushed her on the floor on her knees. He chose the bathroom because he wanted to disgust her into submission. Sushma was in tears, Ajay told,

“Shut up randi!” He removed his dhoti and his underpants and stood in front of her, his cock standing erect. Sushma was disgusted by the scene and kept turning away from Ajay. He grabbed her head by her hair and forced her face onto his cock. He slapped her face with his cock a couple of times. He growled at her,

“Open your mouth raand.”

She nodded no and kept crying. Ajay gave a hard slap right across her face and before she could reel from the blow, he forced his cock into her mouth fully. She choked immediately and her teeth began to graze Ajay’s cock. He dug his palms into her scalp and held her by her hair tightly and told her,

“if you use your teeth, I’ll kick the shit out you, your little slut!!”

She held back her teeth, she had got her breath a little bit and Ajay started facefucking her wildly. He could feel the warmth of her throat on his cock. Even though Sushma had never given a blowjob in her life, she was getting accustomed to it. But she had lost her breath and began choking on Ajay’s cock, Ajay grabbed her head by her hair again and shouted,

“Put your tongue out and breath through you nose.” As Sushma put her tongue out, so that she could catch her breath a little bit, Ajay pushed his cock even more into her mouth, Sushma’s nose was in his hairy crotch, he began swirling his hip and her head at the same time so that he could feel the warmth of her mouth even more. Ajay was close to exploding now, and Sushma was near to passing out, he gave couple more strokes to her face and finally came inside her throat. Thick white streams of cum was flowing through Sushma’s throat, as he pulled his cock out, he told her,

“Drink every last bit of it. If you vomit I’ll do this again.”

Saying this, he watched her struggling to swallow his thick cum. After she was done, he put his dhoti on and left her crying in the bathroom floor.

After 15 minutes he shouted, “clean up and come out, your aunty will be here soon.”

Ever since that day, Ajay began using her mouth every day, every change he got he would force her to give him a blowjob. He no longer masturbated, every time he felt horny he would call her out and come in her mouth. During the first few time, she cried and begged him to leave her alone, she even resisted him a few time but after a while her resistance broke and it became a part of the job for her. He facefucked her everywhere in the house, in the terrace at midnight, even in the pray room.

He would sit Sushma on the floor between his legs and made her give him a blowjob while he watched porn on the computer, and he always came inside her mouth. After a few weeks like this, Ajay wanted to step the level up. He wanted more than her mouth, he wanted her body.

He picked a day when Leelavati was not at home, he went into the bathroom and started taking a bath and then called out Sushma to bring a towel, as she knocked on the bathroom door, he opened it and grabbed her by her hair again and dragged her in. He locked the door behind her and told her sneeringly,

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