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Sweet angel

Hi my name’s Ricky I’m 22 now ( I call myself Rachael ). I always loved dressing up as a girl, since I was about ten. My sister helped me. we lived with our mother alone, she always said I was weird. My story is about the time my life changed. as I said every chance I got I dress as a girl so when I was 16, me and my sister where invited 2 fancy dress party. I was going as a slutty schoolgirl. Let’s do this proper she said. she shaved my legs, under my arms and even my pubes off. And my chest and ass cheeks. She then applied nail varnish to my fingers and toes. make up was next followed by white bra and skimpy white pants ( she had no problem as I had small cock ), so covered it easy. blouse and blue skirt, just above knees and white socks . the shoes had slight high heel, but comfortable 2 walk in. mmmm she said I fancy you myself . as for my hair I had let it grow 2 my shoulders anyway , she just made look nice. My sister was 18 and my best friend ( Donna ), she dressed as sailor girl, she looked stunning. as the party was on weekend, we could relax and enjoy ourselves. our mom often went away and left us. At the party there was about 20 people mostly guys. I was flattered by complements or the odd grope at my bum. We had a few drinks ( I was tipsy ), my sister seemed 2 have pulled, she was kissing a guy on sofa. I wandered around 2, a guy started talking 2 me. and then his friend joined us, as we laughed he put his arm round my waist and held me close by his side ( it was like I was his girlfriend ). He talk to his mate in front off us, every so often kiss me. I responded 2 every he did, we then danced and had another drink. then we sat down and kissed more ( first time with a guy ). he grabbed me by the hand and dragged me up, let’s find private room. still I never objected to this. we searched for a room most taken up, one even had my sister in it. she was on her back getting well fucked. we found room, sat on bed I was nervous. we kissed as his fingers unbuttoned my blouse and pulled my bra down, tweaking my nipple then sucking it. it felt strange, but wonderful. his hand was running under my skirt over my smooth legs to he reached my my cock straining 2 break free from my pants, running his hand over my pants not releasing my cock. He then kissed me long on my lips, I could hardly breathe, my heart was racing out off control, finally he released my cock out and started stroking it as we kissed. Smooth balls nice he said, dragging. My pants off then sniffing them, he then made me sniff them. then he resumed 2 feeling my cock and caressing my balls. making his way down my trembling body 2 I felt his tongue on my stiff little cock, I was like putty in his hands. he could do anything he liked 2 me and I wouldn’t have stopped him. he sucked me slowly, then deep and hard. I felt like my body was going 2 explode. Omg I’m going 2 cum I said, but he kept sucking. please I’m going 2 cum, but he kept sucking me. I held his head down and shot my load in his mouth. o God I thought, he smiled and used his fingers 2 remove some off my cum from his mouth and lubricate my asshole. it was sore as slipped his finger in my bum and moved it in and out getting deeper. now he tried 2 fingers, I cried with pain but didn’t stop him. again he pushed them deeper, only this time he started licking my cock as he did it we were literally in 69 position, so I released his cock. omg it was big and thick, I licked his helmet and began sucking him, as deep as I could. all the time his fingers fucked my virgin ass. he was about 8 inches long, I got about half in my mouth, when he said he wanted 2 fuck me. I said ok I’m a 16 year old virgin. your mine baby and I want you. ok. take me I screamed. he positioned his cock at my asshole and slowly pushed in. I was nervous, frightened. but he kept me calm as he pushed inch by inch inside me.he was. Thrusting harder and was getting deeper inside me. then began fucking me without mercy, I was holding onto him with grim death, but was loving every moment off it. I’m your slutty schoolgirl I screamed. which made him go hard in my hole and suddenly felt his cream full my ass. he kept thrusting and pumping my ass with cream. when he pulled out a mixture off cum and shit sipped sipped out off my hole. we kissed, and I lay in his arms. He began 2 get hard again and mounted me and began 2 fuck me slowly, my sweet angel I want you again. I begged him not 2 stop. and let him have whatever he wanted. When he finished he got dressed, and give me but, you stay there with that he took my pants and hung them on door handle on the outside. And left. I was lying there about ten minutes, when door opened and in walked his friend he was talking 2 earlier. He began undressing as I watched him. he came over 2 bed and offered me his cock. I began sucking him, slowly and deeper. I felt like a sissy slut, I felt cheap and used. but I wanted it he took his cock from my mouth and pushed it into my ass. he fucked me without mercy and again I let him use me 2 he cum inside me. After he left I got dressed and my pants on. I was sore and walking felt so hard, but satisfied. I looked for my sister and found her lying naked on a bed, with cum oozing from all her holes. I helped her get dressed and we made our way home, both drunk and fucked senseless. we slept together that night and cuddled up together.. in the morning we had a shower and tended each others sore holes. we go party’s together all the time as sisters and we have sex together using toys. I even shared each other with her boyfriend who fucks us both. next time I tell you about bar fuck.

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