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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 3

She is mixed in different thoughts, how she used to spend time in her kitty parties and with friends, how the gossip she heard changed things and finally that lucky night when Rohit cane back and they had a steamy sex, She recalled how Rohit took ice-cream from the Fridge and used it effectively. She felt a strange feeling, the coldness tickling her but yet made her nips stiffened . …

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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 2

He literally began a pussy bashing and tongue fucked her. She pushed his head in to her pussy signaling she wants more action. This was way too much for her being accustomed to normal foreplay and sex and climaxed uttering Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Rohit. He allowed a few minutes for her to recover before he began licking her sweet pussy juices and remarked whaaaaaa what a taste, tastes like honey dear and …

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Nisha Enjoy Seduction By Elder Guy Rohit Chapter 1

Anil, Winnie’s hubby joined the company in senior position and was to report direct to Rohit. The MNC Rohit worked has people reporting to him direct as well as reporting thru another boss like Anil. Rohit was quite impressed with Anil and they were more like friends and colleagues. Rohit has also put in place in-house partying to relieve stress and the sales force were encouraged to bring their wives …

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Pooja Chud Gayi Ramu Se

yeh story hai pooja mishra ki..rakesh mishra and swathi mishra ki eklauthi beti…iski age 24 ki padhai kr rhi..yeh bahot hi khubsurat ladki hai..rang gora dudh jaisa..honth gulabi rang ke..chehra chaand jaisa…boobs ubhre huye..gaand gol ubhra hua..bhot hi khubsurat hai..bilkul kisi herione jaisi dikhti..shradha kapoor jaisi…jitni khubsurat jism utni hi khubsurat dil iska..har waqt madad ke liye ready rehti hai..khaaskar low class logon ko..unko bhot madad krti thi…iski ek …

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Sometimes you get more of an education out of the classroom than in

I peered over from my dorm room single bed across to the open window above roomie Mark’s matching bunk. It was late, very late and something was keeping me from sleep. In my waking blur I figured the culprit was the intense glow of the early autumn full moon streaming through the mini blinds on the window. As the narcoleptic haze slowly lifted from my senses I detected noise and …

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