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Laura’s son Josh is just full of surprises

As any mother will tell you — probably until you are sick of hearing it — sons never cease to surprise you. My own, Josh, is no different in that respect, but I think that maybe his latest bundle of surprises are a little out of the ordinary. Let’s see what you think…. At the start of the summer, just after Josh had sat his exams and began the anxious …

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Humiliating experience giving a blowjob for the first time

How did this happen? How did she end up half-naked and on her knees in front of a guy she first spoke to three days ago? How did she find herself staring open mouthed at an erect pulsating cock for the first time in her life? Her conflicted mind had paralyzed her. She was breathing heavily, perspiration building up on her forehead making her brown skin glisten. Her eyes watering …

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Innocent Wife With Cab Driver Part 9

[Image: 5dd276a829ddd.gif]

I immediately came home after that encounter with the salesman. I had decided not to do anything stupid. But my destiny had other plans. It was as if destiny was trying to make me a slut if I was not a one already. I took a shower. While taking shower remembered the salesman and the hard thumping he gave me. I could have stopped him immediately but I didn’t. Maybe …

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Indian housewife Marry with her father-in-law – Life of Indian Housewife

Balwant went over to the steel almirah at the corner and opening the door first and locker next, he searched for the ornaments he wanted the bride to wear. When he had finished making his choice, these were what lay on the center table beside the almirah. Matasari looked at them curiously. An exquisite diamond studded naath (nose-ring) A gold maang tikka (head ornament) fit for any royal family A …

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Indian housewife Attraction towards her father-in-law – Life of Indian Housewife

A little while later, even before Sonam could recover from the sadness that filled her mind, she saw her husband turn around to face the other side and fall asleep. She could hear his soft snoring too, as if he didn’t have a care in the world. At first, Sonam cried alone – not because her husband would be leaving the day following the next, but because she had expected …

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A middle class housewife discovers a new world

“Mamma ice cream!!” seven year old Pinky yelled as she saw the gelato store in the mall and tried to run towards it. But Mansi held her hand firmly. “Not now, Pinky.” she said, dragging her inside the shoe store. “First we have to get your school shoes.” “But I want it now!!” she started jumping up and down. The kid had been a handful from the day she was …

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