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A white wife decides to be black bred

We assembled in the lobby, all seven of us naked, and it was the first time I really got a good look at the other women. More than anything, I was shocked at how young Melissa was. She couldn’t have been more than twenty. She was gorgeous — almost six feet tall, skinny, flawless alabaster skin, with blonde curls almost to her bellybutton. I’m sure she had had loads of …

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Young white wives get gangbanged

The two giant black cleaners entered the priest’s vestry. Jane, the young wife, who had moments before been violently sodomised by the cruel priest, stood frozen to the spot, terrified at how events were spiralling out of control. Meanwhile, unbeknown to her, her husband sat hidden where Father Ambrose had left him, in a closet just a few feet away, a witness to his wife’s infidelity. He was equally horrified …

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Older black man treats best friend’s niece as play toy

As a young girl of 23, I am very sexually adventurous and enjoy pushing the limits. Coming from a small-town in rural America, I moved away to the big city only to find myself dating one big black man after another. The pure shock and taboo of a little country girl like me dating a much bigger, black man made the hookups, relationships, and random sex that much more exciting. …

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