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Young wife taken against her will by gangster boarder

Something about him made Christy uneasy, especially when he looked at her with his deep, dark eyes, as if trying to peer into her soul. Reggie’s eye contact seemed brazen, but he did it when Dave wasn’t looking. Hopefully, this huge black man who towered over her husband wouldn’t make an immediate decision. She needed to discuss this matter further with Dave. They could tell Reggie that someone else rented …

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Hentai conventions can sometimes have a real twist

I’ve been into Japanese Animation for years, starting back in college when I was a member of the campus anime club. I’ve always been fascinated by such incredible art, and the different perspective on things that the Japanese use. So I should have been ready for something strange when I went to this last convention. I’d booked a room at the con this time instead of offsite. Offsite is nice …

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Confessions of a Teenage Sex Kitten Chapter 1

Do you know what the best thing is about being part cat? Prowling! The silent movement and the patient waiting as you slowly move in for the kill. Done right, the poor victim never sees it coming, and you walk away victorious in the hunt. I had been prowling this morning, just waiting for that perfect opportunity, and it was laid out here in front of me. Kelli had thrown …

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Madiha meets a ‘strange’ copassenger in the bus journey – Indian Landlord vs The Tenant Girl

“One ticket to Hyderabad, please.” I begged. “Don’t worry, madam,” he said, “I’ll get the best ticket possible, especially for you.” He then scanned me from head to toe. I adjusted my shawl to cover myself better. With mascara under my eyes, hoop earrings, ruby roo lips, shiny semi transparent saree with sleeveless blouse and slingback heels. I didn’t look like a regular person who waits for the bus, but …

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Brother finds nude cheerleader pictures including his sister.

My bitch cheerleader sister stormed into my room while I was in my bed, on my laptop watching, ironically, cheerleader porn, and jerking off. “Oh shit, wrong room.” I gasped, dick in hand, completely humiliated to be caught jerking off, “Get out!” “Oh shit,” she laughed, clearly quite drunk but realizing what I was doing. After a pause, she added, looking at my fully erect dick, and smiling, “Nice package …

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