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Loving husband and wife play with bondage, threesomes and bestiality

“Asshole!” “Yep. And you love watching it get fucked – don’t you?” I grinned back at my wife. “Only fair. You can’t seem to get enough of mine.” She smiled lazily at me. “I’d kiss you for that but I seem to be tied up for the moment…” I jerked a thumb over my shoulder at the Rocky. “You’ll have to wait until he’s through trying to drive my prostate …

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A man plays around with cross-dressing because his pretty sister-in-law persuades him

“Well you know why Lisa dropped Paul?” It was my sister-in-law, Susan offering me a tidbit from my wife, Lisa’s past. The three of us were eating dinner one evening and we had had a few beers. “Susan!” Lisa said it almost as a whine. She looked alarmed. Naturally I was intrigued. “Paul wanted to do it with Lisa with himself dressed up as a woman!” I giggled, but stifled …

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Singer Taylor Swift seduces super-model Kate Upton

aylor Swift waited in the darkness. The garage attached to the mansion was not particularly big by Hollywood standards, but easily holding twenty sport and luxury cars she was impressed and wondered how long it was going to take to go on the open market after tonight and how much it was going to go for? The opening of the garage door shut her day-dreaming down. A seemingly block long …

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Alicia Silverstone is abducted in my mind

Alicia Silverstone walked confidently through the studio parking lot, her long blonde hair bright in the Southern California sun. She was wearing a snug white cotton blouse, a short black skirt, and sneakers with white ankle socks. She had a purse slung over her shoulders, sunglasses over her eyes, and an air of busy distraction. In fact, she was distracted; she’d just come from a meeting with one of the …

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Aventures Of Black BBW

Blackwoman drove down the rich suburban neighborhood till she heard what she waited for. There was a dispute going on at the house down the road where a black maid was getting chewed out by a white woman for not cleaning the dishes clean. It was her cue to that the situation needed correction. She turned down the road and parked in the driveway and got out. She loved every …

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Arriving Home Late

Slowly you walk towards the house. You don’t see any lights on and let out a sigh of relief. Maybe he went to bed and won’t know that you were out later then you were supposed to be. Gently the door opens and inside you creep, your heels in one hand and your purse in the other. Up the stairs, one by one, nice and slow to avoid any creaking. …

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