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Alia Bhaat enjoys group sex with her in-laws

Alia woke up to Ranbir kissing all over her back. His lips had started from her neck and was now going down her spine to the small of the back. “Oooh!” She rubbed her thighs getting excited. She was still naked from last night’s sexacapade under the duvet and his ministrations were turning her on. He turned her around and started kissing her on her flat tummy, swirling his tongue …

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A lonely Indian wife discovers blessing in disguise

Mostly beauty changes with time and weather. Sometimes — beauty carries her own weather with her. She tranquilized the evening, as Sneha walks into the hotel lobby. The dull golden of the setting sun submerged on the dusk of her cheeks with the silver of clouds. She blushed looking at him—and everything exploded crimson. Pawan rushed holding her in his eyes, Sneha was in a stylish outfit of loose top, …

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A perverted old maintenance stalks & seduces a lonely tenant

Khadijah Suleiman was struggling with her faith ever since her divorce 2 years ago. She had stopped going to the mosque as she felt god had abandoned her when she needed him most. She was always a dutiful wife and put her husband’s needs above her own. Khadijah always dressed modestly and she would wear the hijab to keep her modesty. But at the age of 43 after devoting most …

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The Maid’s Husband

“Anita” “What is it?” “Where have you kept my tie. I just can’t find it anywhere. ” “It’s inside the wardrobe. ” Amit always expected her to attend to him when he was getting ready for office. When they had got married ten years back she could do that. But now with their two kids going to school her morning schedule was hectic. Getting up early, preparing breakfast, waking up …

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Buddha Pati Ne Choda


Yeh ek nayi kahani hai jiska haqeeqat se koi lena dena nahi. Yeh kahani hawas aur gandi chizo se bahut door hai. No place for valgur. Main character :- Nisha age 28 years. Bahut khubsurat aur fair skin wali slim fit aurat Bhima :- 62 saal ka buddha. Gareeb lekin dil ka bahut hi acha. Indor station mein train ruki thi. Kafi garmi thi andar. Ek aadmi train ke andar …

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Boss enjoys his submission too much and must be caged

I was still very sore the following day when I arrived at the office to find Sandra sitting at my desk. Sandra made me undress and kneel before her while she told me how things would be from now: “To everyone here you will continue to appear to be my boss and I your devoted PA. But the reality is that from this moment you are totally under my command. …

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A voluntary sacrifice meets an unexpected end

The beast’s lair was a full three days of travel from her city, but the journey was pleasant enough. They rode on open carts softened with hay-stuffed woolen pillows, and the late summer heat was mitigated by a soft breeze that swept up from the sea, sowing their hair and clothes with the scents of salt and the warmth of the olive groves that lined the hills below the road. …

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