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Seducing my big ass mom

Okay so i live with my mom and dad.We are all a pretty normal family.i have fantisized about my mother for about two years.. I would wack it every night to her. She is a pretty brown haired mom, with nice tits and a huge ass. Well i had enough of just fantisizing. i wanted the real thing..So i decided i was going to seduce her.. i put on my …

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Harry shows the Queen what she’s been missing – Old Man & The Queen

The walk back from the village of Edge Landing started off silent. After the events in the tavern, Elena half expected Harry to grope her all the way back home, but instead the chubbier old man left her to her own thoughts, content to keep her on her toes and never know what to expect from him. Inside her mind, however, was anything but quiet. Elena cursed old Harry Jones …

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Elena meets Ol’ Harry & learns about frontier living – Old Man & The Queen

Erik stood at the window of the Royal Bedchambers, gazing out into the night and watching the nondescript carriage heading down a dimly lit path under the cover of darkness. They had hurriedly prepared the contents Elena would need, although her escort got off to a much later start since the Queen had insisted on taking all of her scented oils, lotions, and additional beauty products. Walter, along with 3 …

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Facing threat, Queen agrees to act as wife of older villager – Old Man & The Queen

King Erik held the scroll with trembling hands, his voice cracking as he read the words to the small trusted group assembled in the ‘war room’ off the Great Hall, “The Kienan Lineage will end with Erik, for his Queen will be assassinated the night of the Feast of Eden. Should he re-marry, he will only succeed in guaranteeing the death of another beautiful little minx. Fear the Rats, for …

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Jennifer Lopez – Latina Heat

Another tiring live performance. These performances always took a lot out of Jennifer. Dancing and running across the stage for this amount of time was always exhausting. But besides being exhausting these dynamic performances sometimes also had another effect on Jennifer. Because she moves so much and so fast on stage for such a long period of time, sometimes the latina’s “pipes” would loosen up to the point where she …

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The big plumper ass

I was surprised to get a reply from the ad I placed on the net looking for a women who wanted to fuck in front of her husband. I had requested a woman aged from 35 to 50, over weight and not uncomfortable with it. The reply was short requesting a meet in a hotel in London, I had said when I would be visiting London etc. and the meet …

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