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Wife with long time desires cucks husband with black cock

We had been doing this for years, my wife and I. Sipping on champagne in the back of Jim’s limousine, on our way to yet another event. This one was a certified black tie affair, cocktails in the early hours and then dinner and awards to follow. A successful career in advertisement has its perks, and a fully compensated evening at a five star resort – I would think – …

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Two women are seduced at a nightclub

Laura and Sarah been friends through their childhood and stayed close throughout their formative years, even after each of them had married. Night outs like this had been a regular occurrence when they were single, although nowadays they invariably went out as a foursome with their husbands. But with Jake and Rob away overnight at some poker tournament or another, they were intent on turning the clock back and making …

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My Wife Wired Fantasy with Big Black Bouncers

My wife is a big fan of Elton John. So when she heard that he would be giving a concert here in our town, she was over the moon. She bought two tickets for the standing arena, the closest to the stage and the most expensive ones, three months before the actual concert. She bought a new dress a very nice body-hugging, curves-enhancing black tube-dress for the event and a …

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Neha’s erotic office tryst

Trn Trn… The sudden sound of alarm filled the room with a loud blast. Neha suddenly woke up with a start. It took sometime for her to realize the blaring of alarm clock. With a long sigh she turned towards the side table and turned off the alarm clock. Since it was already 5 AM she was running late for her office. The Delhi traffic will take another hour and …

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Brandi & Big Black Cock

My sexy blonde wife came downstairs, opening the lounge door, her spiked high heels clicked across our wooden floor as she strutted into the lounge. “Fucking hell!” I blurted out. She was wearing a tight shiny black clinging latex minidress with matching latex stockings and long latex black evening fingerless gloves . Her large full breasts were being hugged by the skintight latex as though they were painted with the …

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Sub mom falls deeper; shy daughter discovers her sex drive

LIKE MOMMY, LIKE DAUGHTER: 2 OBEY 11. LOVE THE WAY YOU LICK Sandra woke up Saturday late in the morning after having spent the night in her daughter’s bedroom (her daughter being away at a track tournament in Calgary) pleasing her new in-training eighteen-year-old Mistress, Taylor. As she replayed last night in her head, she sighed at her weakness and her need to obey. She also relived in her head …

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