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A boy goes to his friend’s house and gets a lot more than he bargained for

Roddy’s mother sat on the settee stroking a big black Rocky. The black butler brought in the boy. ‘Thank you, Charles.’ She uncrossed her legs but crossed them again as the Rocky tried to nose up her short skirt. ‘Naughty Fritz, don’t you think?’ She smiled at the boy. ‘Wouldn’t you be more comfortable taking off that jacket and sitting over here beside me?’ He did as she suggested, awkwardly, …

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A Transvestite’s Tale

As I laid back against the wall of the toilet with my nylon-clad thighs spread wide and my erect cock jutting up lewdly from between them, the wooden door in front of me slowly opened to admit the guy from the stall next to mine. “Oh yessss!” the guy hissed quietly, slowly wanking his rigid cock and bolting the door behind him as he took in the erotic sight of …

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The Making of a Sissy Boy Slut

It was speech day, at the end of term, and we were all supporting the headmaster in our prefect role, welcoming parents and guests and applauding during the speeches at the right moments as we had been instructed. Watching from the back of the large hall, I thought that the headmaster sounded a little slurred and was concerned whether he would still be able to give me a lift back …

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Rocky(D)gy and boy’s homosexual story

We used to play a lot of Frisbee in our front yard; back and forth across our slate sidewalk. Our mother complained about us killing the grass with our running around but we pleaded with her that there was too much poison ivy in our designated playfield. One day, I was around eleven at the time and my two younger brothers 9 and 7 respectively, were happily tossing the Frisbee …

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