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Brother enjoys taking his lovely sister’s cherry

“Billy, come here!” my sister loudly demanded. “I need a favor.” So I stopped what I was doing and crossed the hall, not wishing to anger her since she was a tyrant when she was mad. She was laying on her bed, naked, one knee raised and smiling at me. I blinked at her and waited, feeling my cock tremble. My sister is super hot, a high school senior with …

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My brother deflower and told me he was showing me love

“That sorry sack of SHIT is going to DIE!” I raged through my apartment, ripping pictures of me and my ex-fiancee down, shattering glass everywhere. Long story short, I wasted five years on a bastard who goes off and is getting married to some bitch from fucking Paris or Milan because he got her preggos. That fucktard! I hope he chokes on the bitches thong! Tears threatened to spill from …

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