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Sister wake up surprise (True Story)

100% true story. This is my first story so let me know how you like it and I’ll post some more… My family lived in a large house about 10 miles from town in the middle of nowhere. Mine and my sister’s rooms were were seperated by a hall and our shared bathroom. Puberty had set in and I was a typical horny pervert. We had HBO and cinemax and …

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I turned my sister into a slut

I was 18 and my sister, Ellie, was 14. Anyway that day at her school it was sports day and she texted me asking if I could walk her home from school. She is really fit, blonde hair, nice ass, and tits that are still growing but looked nice. Me and Ellie were always close as brother and sister, but what happened this evening bought us even closer. As our …

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