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The Sweetest Whore

My name is anna and I love cock. I’m now 19 but I’ve been fucking from the early age of twelve. My brother and I were best friends growing up and he fucked me every now and then without our parents ever finding out. I fucked with most of the guys in our community sometimes even spending hours being passed around after school down by the creek. I loved all …

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Pooja Hegde wins whore of the week contest

“Rakul, please look, no?” Pooja Hegde implored “I need to find that dress for tonight.” “I don’t get what you are so nervous about, Pooja.” “You don’t know why I am nervous?” Pooja stopped in the middle of the mall and faced her friend “You don’t know why I am nervous? I am getting whore of the week in a few hours, and I don’t have a proper whore dress …

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Zara Phillips & Her Incestous Relationship

Zara had been asked by her Uncle, Andrew, Duke of York to baby-sit Beatrice whilst he went to a meal being thrown by Her Majesty the Queen. Zara had sulked at first, but when she had been told she would be treated to make it worth her while, she readily agreed. Beatrice was now a very gorgeous 14-year-old girl, and was already developing curves to die for. Zara, of course, …

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Malaika Arora & Amrita BBC Vacation

This fictional story is about three well-known personalities, two well-known Indian Milfs, Malaika Arora and Amrita Arora, and one, well, one of the best male porn-star of the modern era, a contract porn-star of two of the famous websites, blacked and blackedraw, Jason Luv. I would first introduce you to all three of them. The first, Malaika Arora is a super Indian celebrity Milf, always in the news for her …

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