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Black Man’s Girl

Black Man’s Girl My name is Melissa. I used to be Mel but that all changed after five years in state prison. I’m twenty-seven years old, five foot six inches with big green eyes, thick ruby-red lips (black guys call them ‘cock-sucking lips’) and a petite build weighing only 125 lbs. Even though I’m slim I have big heavy C-cup breasts that always get in the way. Black men seem …

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Master punishes his slave

He whispered into her ear, ‘You’re mine slut all mine. What are you to me?’ ‘Am your slut, Sir’. ‘Yes you are. What else are you to me, Slut?’ ‘Am nothing to you Sir, other than your worthless slut!’ ‘Now on your knees slut and wait there for ten minutes and repeat “I am nothing other than your worthless slut” and when you have finished saying that, go down the …

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Chuck fucked hard his mother’s rounded ass

She was stretched out stark naked on the bed, and knew well what she was doing. She closed her eyes, let her head roll back on the pillows, and surrendered to her fantasy. She needed to come too badly. She had to stop but she just couldn’t. With the tip of her index finger she began to circle her clit, the most sensitive spot of all. She felt delicious rushes …

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