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My brother did not force me doctor, I seduced him.

“Did your brother force you?” asked the doctor. “No” she said, “I seduced him.” It was at a marriage reception that Dr. Gopika, gynaecologist in a local medical college hospital, who knew of my interest in human sexual behaviour, told me about a diary of a former young patient of hers that she thought may be of value to me. The next day itself I collected the roll of loose …

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A Mother attempts to become her daughter’s Mommy-slut

The Surprise of My Life I came home a day early from my most recent author’s conference, I am a semi-famous author in a dying book industry, and was greeted with the surprise of my life. I put my suitcase down, too exhausted to deal with it at midnight after being gone for four days, and staggered up the stairs dying for some shut-eye in my own bed. I reached …

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Anita from a innocent & cool college girl to slut Chapter 2

I wiped my sweat off and entered the car….. Babu also dressed up entered the car and started driving….. we stopped at the Parking billing counter….. the guy inside the toll booth saw the car and asked Babu, gadi thoda said me lagana…. (Please park the vehicle at a aside…..) All of us were confused….. Babu asked kya hua….? (What happened?) Babu reversed the car and parked it on the …

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Husband Helps For My IVF

Hi, I am Sudharani from Mumbai. This is story of how I became a proud mother with the help of my husband who arranged a special IVF treatment to me. I got married when I was only 22 and at that time my husband was 15 years older than me. He was 37 but was average looking though physically appeared weak. I was very healthy woman. When I told my …

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My Hindu Wife Shalini In Trap With Muslim


Main hoon Raghab . Ye kahani mere biwi shalini ke bare main hai( kalpanik kahani). Jo kese fas jati hai aur khud ke bhul se pasta rehi hai uske bare main. Raghab (main)- umra 28 . Ek private company employ hoon . Gaon se aya hoon per main sahar main rehke thoda smart ho gaya hoon. Gaon main sab mujhe padhe likhe bolke ijjat dete hai. Main mobile addict hoon. …

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Neha’s Compromise To Recover Her Porn Addicted Brother

Hi All, I am Neha. Married, a beautiful 24-year-old girl with whitish complexion, 5.3” height and well-maintained and structured body with round firm boobs and curvy hips. Anyone seeing me will lust to have me in bed. When first time I stood nude in front of my hubby Navin, Navin told me “Hey your face looks very homely, innocent, cute and romantic, whereas your body structure looks like a top …

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Mom needs confidence on becoming a woman again after the divorce

“That’s it baby…just like that…I’m gonna cum,” Bobby said as he was getting his cock sucked in the living room. He then watched her licking the cum off his cock as she looked at him, smiling. It was an incredibly erotic moment for the college students, when all of a sudden, the front door was unlocked, and the knob was being turned. It was his mother! Amanda’s eyes widened and …

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