Thursday , September 29 2022

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The Lost Boy part 21

Three Days Later: Den Mother’s Roadhouse Ian’s hands lay palm down on the Urul’s chest, resting on her large mammaries as he bounced up and down on her pelvis. Her red, veiny, canine cock rapidly pumping into his ass and two plump balls slapping the jiggling flesh with each upward hump. “Ugggh fuck…yeah boy! Ooohh…ride me…ride this Rockygy cock!” She encouraged from beneath him. He was squatting over her body, …

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An married executive likes to cross-dress in the privacy of his office after work

It was Thursday evening, the evening I always have to “work late”. That’s the story I tell my wife anyway. At lunch time, I had gone shopping and the new clothes I bought were neatly hung in the closet of my private office. I took a tour of the general office area, using the water cooler as a reason for my walk thru, although I was really checking out if …

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