Wednesday , October 5 2022

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A man-pretty husband is controlled by his wife into dressing up as a woman and taking a male lover

I couldn’t believe that Susan, my wife of two and a half years would really do this to me. Yet here I sat in the back seat of our Olds wearing a short blue satin cocktail dress. The slinky skirt kept riding up my smoothly shaven, nylon-clad thighs to display a provocative glimpse of pretty pink lace. Susan had insisted that I dress for the costume party from the skin …

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Bobby gets drunk and dresses like a girl

In high school young Ed caused a scandal when he got caught fucking the female girl’s gym teacher. She was madly in love with Ed and his fantastic ability with his hormone charged young cock. Her husband was boring and a self-centered lover. Ed, on the other hand knew how to take time and please her. After she came a number of times on his cock he then ate her …

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