Wednesday , December 7 2022

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Hentai conventions can sometimes have a real twist

I’ve been into Japanese Animation for years, starting back in college when I was a member of the campus anime club. I’ve always been fascinated by such incredible art, and the different perspective on things that the Japanese use. So I should have been ready for something strange when I went to this last convention. I’d booked a room at the con this time instead of offsite. Offsite is nice …

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Patricia Richardson has the hots for a big burly construction worker

Pat was late. She had an appointment in a downtown LA high-rise office building to discuss a new TV show with the producer. Since the end of “Home Improvement” her career had slowed. She was anxious to find new work. “Give it your best shot, Pat,” said her talent agent. “This could be the break your looking for. You’re perfect for the part. So, do yourself a favor and shop …

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Elevatror adventures

I sat at the bar drinking my Crown and Coke. It was a pretty cool club, reminded me of a place back home, dark, smaller, long rather than wide. I could have done without the occasional queen that came in trying to pick up a straight guy and then making a scene when he was rejected, but nevertheless, it was small enough that the bodies had to press closer in …

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