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“A Shemale Submission”: A Lust Story

I have lived a dual life for years… since April 20th, 2010 to be exact. That was the day I released my first two erotic stories on Literotica: ‘The Complete Submission’ and ‘The Perfect Fall’. Looking back at those two now, I cringe at my writing: my lack of character development, my vague semblance of a plot, and my ‘by the numbers’ sex scenes. The persona people see is pretty …

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Indian housewife Infatuation by nephew – Life of Indian Housewife

There was hardly an hour left before sunrise. The patriarch was by now a tired man and an exhausted lover. The younger bahu, too, could hardly keep her eyelids open and, drawing herself into the arms of Balwant, ready to pass into slumber. Balwant kissed her fully on the lips again. “Meri rani (my queen),” he said lovingly, “get some sleep now for you’ll have a tiring day from the …

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The Great TV Reality Show​

This is my sex story of how I a reality dance show changed my life. My husband Ramesh is a tall and handsome person, an engineer in a MNC at Navi Mumabi. He had good salary and a flat at Vashi. What else a girl need is what my parents thought. So my marriage was fixed with this handsome youth. But unfortunately my husband could not consummate marriage. I realized …

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Dominant Saakshi Surrender

She was slender, she was beautiful, and she was young. Yet, she was the most disliked executive in the large corporate body. Saakshi Tiwari had quickly climbed the organizational ladder and, at hardly thirty-two, she held the post of Senior President, Evolution Apparels Inc. The reasons for being disliked were obvious. Evolution Apparels Inc. dealt in ladies’ garments – from dresses to lingerie, from the sophisticated and elegant to the …

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My wife agreed to help me seduce my sister

When I saw my seventeen year old sister after being away for five years I was astonished by her loveliness. I was sixteen years old when she was born. Two years later I left for college. At the university I received an undergraduate degree, a master’s degree, a PhD, and eventually a teaching position. Somehow I had continued to think of my sister as a little girl. She was not …

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Annabelle, abducted by a deviant sexual sadist and his complacent wife

The following tale centers around a sixteen year old girl by the name of Annabelle Flint. An unusual name, but she was far from that being a very respectful teen, that saw only the brighter sides to life despite her many woes to the contrary. For her the first thirteen years of her life had felt like a dream, that sadly came crashing back down to reality when her parents …

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