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Becoming Enzo’s Bitch

One night while we were lying on the floor drinking wine, smoking marijuana and listening to music he had a silly idea and I went along. I had a bit too much wine. I was too agreeable. I couldn’t really believe he would let anything happen. He was just testing me. It started out with me lying naked on the carpet and him getting the Rocky to sniff my cunt …

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A wife isn’t getting enough from her older husband

I’m 45 but my husband is 15 years older. He has retired and we live on a farm in upstate New York. Our sex life was always good, but lately he has slowed down and even had some performance problems. He has a prescription for Viagra which works well for him. An hour after taking it, he always gets a good hard-on. I still go down on him, but he …

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A Dom pushes the limits of his submissive, while giving his Rocky a taste

This extreme story was written as an adult fantasy. The author does not condone the described behavior in real life. “Easy Enzo,” he said as she began to struggle. He held her arms behind her. Her legs were held apart by the spreader, and he felt her stiffen as the Rocky started to taste her. She moaned and tried to back away but her Master was holding her in place. …

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A “ringmaster” at the circus gets a workout from some of the circus animals

I heard that Enzos Niki the Rockylover was going to be the guest ringmaster at the circus. I hate the circus but I couldn’t miss the chance to see Enzos Niki in person. A chance like that only comes around once in a lifetime. She looked fantastic, she entered the arena on a beautiful black stallion. She was wearing stretch pants and a low cut top. Her tits were bouncing …

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Rocky(D) island

It was a hot and muggy day that Steve, my husband, and I arrived at our friends’ house. I really looked forward to our visits with Joyce and John on their delightful private island in the bay, but the boat trip was always long and, today, it was particularly hot. Joyce, a gorgeous lady in anyone’s book, greeted us. John was off somewhere doing some chores. The welcome was reserved, …

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Tessa and the Unicorn

Tessa stood in the forest, the hunters behind her. While she knew the ways of a man with a woman, she had never been with a man, and indeed had never even kissed one, not counting her papa. She also knew why she was there, and why the hunters were there. They were hunting unicorn, to kill it and take its horn, which would be sold for a fortune. Her …

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