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A story about using the tub faucet to get off on

I woke up very horny. Although I don’t remember it, I must have been having a very sexy dream because as soon as I awoke I felt that familiar throbbing in my pussy. I looked at the clock – 8:20. I could hear my parents getting ready for work and my brothers were heading out the door to go to school. A slight smile came to my face as I …

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A rich young housewife buys the ultimate sex toy, The Teasinator

Marsha was happily married. Earl was a good husband and an excellent father. Financially, they were more than comfortable in their lives together. They weren’t the one percent, but they were in the top ten. And yet, Marsha was not content. There was something missing. And it was missing in their sex life. Earl was… too fast. He wasn’t a two-minute wonder. Nor was he a “Wham, bam, thank you …

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Clothing fetish slice of life story

I awoke some time before my alarm went off, as usual. I lay there in the cozy, warm darkness enjoying the sensation of moving my toes and fingers in the slick softness of my silken sheets and nightgown, turning very slightly from side to side to feel the unyielding stiffness and scintillating tightness of my long, confining night corset, straining my wrists ever so gently against the implacable steel of …

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Bored soccer mom finds ways to entertain herself

Watching her husband pulled out of the drive wave Christy waved goodbye to him from their living room window, then turn to yell at her eleven year old son Ron, to hurry up getting ready for school before he missed the bus. Ron ran down the stairs, waved at his mom and was out the front door. “Have a good day at school,” she said as she saw him run …

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Sisters at play

I had just woke from a very erotic dream in which I was having sex with several women. I was sopping wet and I still had my hand between my legs and two fingers in my pussy. My fingers were coated with my silky juices and I brought my fingers to my mouth a licked them clean. As I tasted myself and again fingered my hole I tried to recall …

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