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Monstrous violent night

She stood there, all of 5” tall, looking death in the face. In front of here is what can only be described as the hideous monsters we worried about slithering under our beds as children. Lurking in our closets. He stood at least three times her height, and even get started about his girth. He stood there immodest, unclothed as any creature should be. She couldn’t help but glance at …

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Horny Babysitter

Talk about the worst date night ever. Marie, my wife, started drinking from the get-go way too early, and by dessert, she was smashed. I mean, I get it. We have triplets and they are a handful, but this was supposed to be our anniversary and she drank it away. I was slightly drunk but nowhere near her level, nor could I get there as now I was paying a …

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The First Ovulation

Mira woke up and felt a wetness in her panties and in her sheets. Sleepily, she sat up and pulled back her covers. She was startled to see a mass of small, blue eggs and goo around her butt, on her inner thighs, seeping out from under her panties. She smeared her fingers through the substance, concerned and confused. She pulled aside her panties at the crotch to examine herself. …

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My Sissy Roommate

“Relax, Andrew. It’s just a party. Yeah, sure there will be girls there, but it’s not like they’re serial killers or something,” I tell my best friend as we make our way to the party. I swear he’s always like this. So worried about everything. I don’t know how the kid has survived this long. Probably because I’m always here to calm him down. It’s kind of funny, not many …

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