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Larger women are lovely and Jane was no exception

The football soared high into the air only to be followed by a group of screaming kids sprinting across the school playing field to be the first to reach it. “Bloody first years,” Simon muttered as we walked across the field towards school. Another day of toil at St Agnes’ school faced us. Simon and I were in the lower sixth form, making us both 17 years old. As members …

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My first BBW

It all happened last summer, I was hired to clean a couples pool. I get in my truck and head to the address of the house. In the town were the couple lived at, there was a ton of hot girls outside. I knock at the door, the lady that opened up the door was a very pretty bbw. She had sky blue eyes, blond hair and a perfect bbw …

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I Fucked The Plumper Receptionist

As the only employee for my company in the Utica area I have what is known as “shared office space” . That means that I have my own office and a meeting room where clients can come and we can discuss their projects . However all twelve of the different companies that have offices on that floor share a receptionist and there is a large meeting room with all the …

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Black BBW inmate longs for white dick

A few weeks after I turned 37, I was at a weed party in a rural part of southern Indiana. I was the only non- white person there. The party got busted and but I didn’t worry about it. I had been arrested for weed three times before, all in Louisville, and each time got just a fine and probation. And since hubby is rich and I’ll never have to …

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