Tuesday , January 31 2023

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My Sexy wife wants real dicks

My wife is a real Romanian beauty, with dark brown long shiny hair, a beautifully build body, a face like a perfect supermodel and normaly the right attitude for sex. My friend Paul always says that she is an absolute stunner. And yes, he is right. She is very thin, weighing only 96 pounds. Her legs, tammy and ass are just perfect for her 27 years and her great dragon …

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Wrist-Deep in the Cunt Hole – My Shy Friend Maria

Over time I found many girlfriends in the gay/lesbian scene. One of them was Maria. She was a little smaller than me and very thin, with a long, thin face and big dark eyes behind black-rimmed glasses. She was of some middle-eastern heritage and had the blackest hair and the palest skin I’ve ever seen. She grew up in a religious family, which would not accept her as a lesbian, …

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My Neighbor Emily

“Come on Maddi, time for bed!” I call out from the kitchen. I was spending another night babysitting the children of one of my mums close friends, who lived just up the road from my house. She was married but her husband went away for weeks at a time for work. So it wasn’t uncommon for me come over and mow the lawns or help her children with their homework. …

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