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Annabelle, abducted by a deviant sexual sadist and his complacent wife

The following tale centers around a sixteen year old girl by the name of Annabelle Flint. An unusual name, but she was far from that being a very respectful teen, that saw only the brighter sides to life despite her many woes to the contrary. For her the first thirteen years of her life had felt like a dream, that sadly came crashing back down to reality when her parents …

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Confessions of a Cum Slut

I’ve been a cum slut since I was eighteen. It’s hard for me to reach orgasm without a cock in my mouth. I’m addicted to cum. I eat it, sometimes more than twice a day. I dream about it. I’ve taken cum showers. Is there a twelve-step program for cum sluts? I’ll bet there is. The trouble with that is, I actually like being a cum slut. When there’s cum …

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Mistress in the Making

Ever since our parents died in a car crash a year ago, my sister and I were sent to my aunt’s as she was our next of kin, our legitimate guardian. She was kind to us, gave us all the attention and love two young girls needed to be healthy, physically and mentally. She was even better than our mother, that I have to admit. Laura and I were 19 …

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Training a Rich Bitch, Part 1

Natalie was a Rocky trainer living in Dewberry Place, a wealthy suburb, while she and her widowed mother lived in a trailer park at the edge of town with all the other “help” that serviced the wealthy residents of Dewberry Place. Natalie liked training Rockys. She really did. She had started working with Rockys when she was thirteen years old as a kind of gofer/volunteer/intern with the town vet. Now, …

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I am Daddy’s Naughty Daughters

Crissy Adams squirmed in bed and sighed. She opened her eyes and squinted against the morning sun shining in through the curtains of her bedroom window. “Oooooh,” she murmured softly, gliding her hands under the sheet. A hot shiver swept over her hot virgin body as her hands settled on her small plump tits. Her nipples hardened and a tremor in her pussy made her hips jerk. Eager and hot, …

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Refugee sex in Brasil

The previous weeks had been difficult. In a household breaking apart, each night we would go to sleep to the bitter shouting matches of our parents piercing the wooden floorboards. The only way to protect ourselves against the ravages of the interminable conflict and terror of the not knowing what might happen next, was to insulate our hearts with cold resolve and confide our fears in each other. At nineteen …

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