Tuesday , January 31 2023

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Fat, flat and wet

I was on business travel and drove to a favorite theater after an early dinner. This place only had 6 rows of seats, about ten in each row. The back wall was open and accessible of course. I settled in a middle row, middle seat and waited for the after dinner/late comments crowd. Two other horny old men came in separately, and sat away from me. Not much happened for …

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Rock concert I will never forget

My husband and I recently went to a concert to see Nickelback and two other groups. My husband is 36 and I am 30 being two of the oldest fans to see this concert was kind of awkward although, I did dress to impress a short skirt and a low cut draw string blouse that barely contained my 38dd’s. Well as the fans started coming in the coliseum was jam …

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Lucky Truckers

The first time we did something like this LuEllen walked to a truck on the freeway and they took off and I followed them to a truck stop in Missouri. The driver and LuEllen were alone though. I just went to the coffee shop and waited. Lu had a blast she said and hoped we could do it again. Well it happened again. It was a cool April day and …

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Lost in thoughts

I was idly gazing out of the bus window. People were rushing along this busy street. Rush hour, one of the worst times to be on the bus and I was looking forward to get home. Shower, food, start the new book I found at the charity shop and maybe call David. It was weird how he had changed me, my life. Just two days ago I had been at …

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Confessions of a Cum Slut

I’ve been a cum slut since I was eighteen. It’s hard for me to reach orgasm without a cock in my mouth. I’m addicted to cum. I eat it, sometimes more than twice a day. I dream about it. I’ve taken cum showers. Is there a twelve-step program for cum sluts? I’ll bet there is. The trouble with that is, I actually like being a cum slut. When there’s cum …

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Helping Josh to Entertain

My brother and I were always close. He was a good brother, a year older than me, and because he was somewhat of a nerd, he always helped me with homework and such. Josh had never had much luck with girls. He couldn’t string three words together when talking to a girl. Of course, his looks didn’t help. He was bone skinny, red headed, and covered with freckles. Needless to …

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