Tuesday , March 28 2023

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A voluptuous swinger Indian wife

You could hear the calming whispers of the air passing by our windows, exhaling into our mouths, my wife’s in particular. The October birds and plants were abound on either sides of the road, and the ominous blue and purple hue of the sunset was painted across the waking starry night sky. The gentle tapping of jeweled earrings against my wife’s ears as she rested her head against the window …

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A Peeper’s Vacation

Hello, I am writing this at the encouragement of my dear husband. He feels that other people may enjoy and get turned on reading about my experience into “peeping”. I guess I should tell you a little about myself. First off let me say, I am not an experienced writer. I am not one to discuss things of a sexual matter, except of course with my husband. I am a …

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Sultry High School Nurse gives into her need for cock

That’s it Bitch suck that dick!” Leon said harshly. This is what I heard every morning before classes started at Jensen High School. The group of black seniors would walk into my office and close the door behind them. I would know that would be my cue to take out the small blanket and kneel upon it. I always wore stockings to work, easier access for my man and his …

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