Tuesday , March 28 2023

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When You Go Black, You Never Go Back

Remember, I’m the woman whose husband, Joe, arranged for me to have black men because it was a fantasy of both of ours that we wanted to live out. Our two daughters, Nan, 19 years old and a college student, and Wendy, 18 years old and a high school senior, inadvertently found out about our sex hobby and wanted to be part of it. Joe takes videos of our escapades …

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Prostitute Lady

Carol and Alice decided to sneak off to go see Foxy Brown. It was frowned upon to see R-rated movies at the Brady residence but they thought “The Hell with it”. They told Mike they were going to a book club meeting. The two women didn’t say a word as they watched the movie and ate popcorn and drank their Cokes. Part of Carol cringed at the violence [though the …

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