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Lawyer is seduced by Sexual client

Mrs. Garr was an extremely attractive woman in her mid-20’s, and I was handling her legal suet… “Mrs. Garr, what company are you insured by?” I asked her. “Do you find me attractive, Mr. Riely?” she asks me in return. “Excuse me” I reply, knowing full well what she had asked me. “You heard me” she says, beginning to lick her full red lips. “Well, yes, but anyway..” I stammer. …

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Mother Blackmailed will do ANYTHING to protect son

The day had been like any other Monday for Kimberley Cole. The pretty blonde, 36 year old wife and mother of two had just finished dropping eight year old daughter Laura and eighteen year old son, Zack, off at their respective schools. She pulled the key from the ignition of her 4 x 4 BMW as it idled in the drive of her gorgeous suburban house. She stopped a moment …

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