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Sautela Pyaar


मैं इंदौर के एक छोटे से गाव का लड़का हूं… मेरे घर में हम 3 लोग रहते हैं, मैं, मेरी सौतेली मां और मेरे पापा… Papa : Ramesh 50 sal K Hai Zyadatar ghar k bahar hi rehte hai… aur Humesha Nashe me Rehte hai Jab bhi ghar aate hai Thode Saukhin Type k the…wo private company me kaam karte the,uss se Hamara income achha khasa tha… Sauteli maa: Rekha …

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Nubile 18-year-old plus horny married couple equals

1. The scheme. The sudden gust of frigid wind practically tore the storm door out of Ed’s hand as he went out into the wicked early March evening. An unexpected storm was moving in and a couple of inches of snow had already fallen as Ed helped his wife into their car which had been idling in the driveway. Ed ran around and slid behind the wheel, blowing on his …

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Husband watches wife cheating at party

For men who like to watch their wives having sex with other men, no explanation is necessary. For men who don’t understand this fantasy, no explanation is possible. Although I enjoy wife sharing and some wife cheating stories I always felt confident that I would never want to act any of them out myself. I also felt that if my wife Anna ever cheated on me that would be it, …

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Husband watches his wife ride a gigantic cock

About five years ago a good friend of my wife’s passed away. Anne had always been close with the woman, and the woman’s husband and children as well. This past June the youngest of this woman’s children graduated from high school and was bound for college in the Fall leaving Carl, the widower, alone in the house. Anne and I were planning to be at our cabin in the Northwoods …

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Things go farther than expected

This happened in college. One night my girlfriend Jen and I were making out in my bedroom. I had one hand inside her blouse and another up her skirt, and it was just getting really good when my roommate Ricky walked in. “Whoa, sorry,” he said seeing us. “Don’t worry, I’ll sleep on the couch.” I felt bad because I knew he’d get no sleep outside in the dorm common …

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Mommy: A Long Hard Ride

You don’t really know how much stuff you have collected in your life until you move. With our last son going to college, we did two moves in one. We were moving to a condo only a few miles away, while we were driving Cory sixteen hours to college. Because we had to put all our items in storage, we didn’t get title for three more weeks, we were going …

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I forced My Mother to Fuck

My name is Gary and I have just turned 20, but since I was 15, I have had sexual urges for my mother. Every time I look at my mother, all I can think is how much I would like to take my 9-inch cock and just ram it into all her holes. Mom is a college professor at our local college and I see that lots of college men …

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Gay incestuous forced sex

I opened my eyes, blinked, yawned, closed them again. I felt confused, disoriented in a way that was… strange. It wasn’t like waking up was supposed to be, I wasn’t half asleep. I can’t remember getting in the bed, in fact I can’t remember the last thing I remember. Where did consciousness end last? I was clueless. I tired to move my body and I found it difficult. I could …

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