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My mom’s boyfriend

I don’t remember when my dad left us but I remember him fighting with mom when she got drunk. After he left my mom would leave my alone in the house and come back really late. One night I heard her yelling and slaps coming from her bedroom as I got closer I heard her saying yes yes make it hurt baby it hurts so good. I peaked inside her …

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Gemma Is Lost, Gemma Threesome Adventure

Gemma was lost, a friend of hers had moved to this unfamiliar town, and Gemma wanted to visit her, but she had forgotten her street directions and now she had no idea where she was. She drove round and round hoping to spot landmarks her friend Patti had told her to look for, but without success. She was becoming more and more frustrated and angry with herself that she had …

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Older woman (True Sex story)

Back in the 70s my boss sent me to do some repairs at his mother’s house. When I got there she opened the front door and dropped something. When she benr over to pick it up her house coat hung down from her very skinny petite body. I had the perfect view seeing her big saggy tits hung down swinging back and forth. She had big dark areolas with really …

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Indian maid catches me masturbating, and spanks me

My Indian maid catches me masturbating, and spanks me as a punishment.. Rashida had been our family maid servant for a long time. Moving to Kolkata from a distant village, and coming from a very poor family, she was merely eighteen when she started to work at my family’s place. From pictures of her that I saw later, the young Rashida was a beautiful village belle. She had a curvy …

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A Girl Fantasy

My friend Jasmine had this Rocky, he was a big fluffy bear like Rocky. He was always so sweet to me when I would visit Jasmines. He would sometimes shove his nose onto my crotch but Jasmine would push him off and scold him for being so “inappropriate” to her guests. I used to think nothing of it but back then I was younger and hadn’t hit puberty. I was …

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Sanskaari Shikha Ki Kahaani Chapter 3

Champak iss Dharam sankat mein buri tarah phas chuka tha uska dimaag sunn ho chuka tha woh kabhi muh khole …..apni ore ummed ki kiran liyee apni moti tond pe hath malte Sharma ji ko dekhta toh kabhi.. Shikha ke muskuraate chehre ko dekhta jo usko aur tease karne ke updesh se Sharma ji se nazar bachaa ke ek maadak angdai todke usse apne nange pait aur navel ke darshan …

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