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The Final Execution of Husband and wife fantasies

“Do you have any sexual fantasies?” Jessica asked her husband, Stephen, while they were laying in bed watching TV. He thought for a moment before responding “Not really…we’ve done pretty much everything I’ve wanted to do. How about you?” “We have done a lot, but there are a couple things I’ve been thinking of more and more lately…but I don’t know if you’d like them.” she said, sounding a little …

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Elizaveta Seduction – We thaw Daniel’s cold wife

During one of the many coffee breaks taken in our office, I sat with one of my newer colleagues, and asked him how he was settling in. “I’m doing OK,” replied Daniel, “and everyone has made me feel welcome.” “That’s good I said, but do let me know if anything troubles you.” We went on to discuss other subjects, some work related and some not, when quite inexplicably, considering it …

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A discovery on a hot July day bring a mother and daughter much closer

Beth Wilson walked down the path from the old farmhouse, where she lived with her family, to the river that flowed through the woods. Beth was thirty nine years old, willowy with long legs and soft brown hair. She had a pretty, classical face with a sharp nose and a dazzling smile. Even after three children, she was an A cup and her small breasts rode high on her chest. …

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Sister wake up surprise (True Story)

100% true story. This is my first story so let me know how you like it and I’ll post some more… My family lived in a large house about 10 miles from town in the middle of nowhere. Mine and my sister’s rooms were were seperated by a hall and our shared bathroom. Puberty had set in and I was a typical horny pervert. We had HBO and cinemax and …

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Wife Cheating Husband For First Time

My husband and I are loving couple; people often said that we are made for each other. Some also said that our marriage is indeed one that was made in heaven. Ours is also a love marriage; we were in relationship since we were in college and we remain in relationship for ten years till we finally enter into wedlock. No doubt during those ten unstable time; our relationship experiences …

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