Tuesday , January 31 2023

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Its a rainy season, clouds are hovering on sky while power supply is in halt. My sister Nina has slept in her room while I am sitting with my mom in balcony after our dinner. Looking at me, she smiled….. “Garry I think waiting for power is wastage of time, so lets move to our bedroom. ” And I walked towards my bedroom. She came inside my room and closed …

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Master punishes his slave

He whispered into her ear, ‘You’re mine slut all mine. What are you to me?’ ‘Am your slut, Sir’. ‘Yes you are. What else are you to me, Slut?’ ‘Am nothing to you Sir, other than your worthless slut!’ ‘Now on your knees slut and wait there for ten minutes and repeat “I am nothing other than your worthless slut” and when you have finished saying that, go down the …

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