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Dad tricks his daughter for

“Dick, you must find a way to help me,” complained Sarah to her husband. She felt she was fat and needed help to shape up. Dick was happy his plan was working. He had deliberately made comments to give her that impression, that she was fat and needed to exercise to reduce her weight. “You are not really that fat,” said her husband, deliberately sounding unconvincing. “Oh yes, I am! …

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He lick the semen of her panties

This morning, lying discarded, dishevelled on the unmade bed, lie her panties. A pink lace and satin confection they are made of almost nothing. A handful of scrunched up loveliness, an intimate and tiny covering for her sex. I touched them, my eyes closed and I felt the slimy glaze of his semen. I felt eyes closed what had been left there, a marker of what he had pumped inside …

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