Tuesday , January 31 2023

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A little story about sex at dawn

It was nearing dawn. The sunlight was beginning to creep across the sky, blazing it with pink and orange. He looked over at her in the tangle of bed sheets. She was beautiful. One arm stretched over her head, her face turned to the side. Her dark tangle of hair lay across the pillow, her mouth parted slightly. The top of the sheet pulled over her breasts and the bottom …

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Nasty sex with Watchman

Hey this is Harshita… Lastly I wrote narrated my erotic sex story with a servant… I like Indian Porn and often visit Desibahu.com to read Literotica, Indian sex stories, Hindi sex stories etc. Now let’s get back to the sex story. Things were going good until my servants wife was dead… So he had to leave.. I really felt sad but my sex desires were fulfilled in some other means.. …

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