Tuesday , January 31 2023

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Problems With My Little Sister

There are problems attached to having little sisters, as many of you guys out there know. There are a lot BIGGER problems involved, if either of them is as sexy as mine are. While Laura is a pedophile’s wet-dream at 10, it’s her sexy big sister that got me in trouble. At 4′ 5″ tall, saucy lips, sparkling eyes, and a “fuck-me” wriggle to her body, the cute little brunette …

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A high school senior teaches his sister’s friends the moves

My eighteenth birthday didn’t feel very different to me. It was a Wednesday and I still had to go to school. My family wasn’t going to celebrate my birthday until the weekend so I really wasn’t expecting much. A senior in high school, I hadn’t even gotten a date yet. The most I had done was make out a little bit with Mary Jane Kapinsky at a party. I was …

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