Thursday , March 30 2023

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My Sexy wife wants real dicks

My wife is a real Romanian beauty, with dark brown long shiny hair, a beautifully build body, a face like a perfect supermodel and normaly the right attitude for sex. My friend Paul always says that she is an absolute stunner. And yes, he is right. She is very thin, weighing only 96 pounds. Her legs, tammy and ass are just perfect for her 27 years and her great dragon …

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The Making of a Sissy Boy Slut

It was speech day, at the end of term, and we were all supporting the headmaster in our prefect role, welcoming parents and guests and applauding during the speeches at the right moments as we had been instructed. Watching from the back of the large hall, I thought that the headmaster sounded a little slurred and was concerned whether he would still be able to give me a lift back …

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Kristina Is Plugged By he Tire Repairman

“No I’m sorry senora just like the sign says we only accept cash” Miguel Luis Estrada told the attractive, well dressed woman as he pointed to the sign prominently hanging at the front of his business which stated in bold lettering CASH ONLY – NO CREDIT. “I assure you sir that you will be paid in full” Kristina Thorson replied “and that if you don’t accept credit cards then just …

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Kinky Sex after Molestation Of Miss Miyagi

The pretty young woman finished what she was writing on the blackboard and turned to her students. Just as she was about to speak the bell sounded, signaling the end to the period. “Okay students, that is all for today. Remember we will be having a quiz on what we learned today in two days time. So be sure to all study hard the next two nights.” “Yes Miss Miyagi” …

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My White Boy Sissy

Daniel Martin… That kid is picked on more than most people in this school. Mostly because he’s small, meek, and looks more like a girl than most of the girls in this school. I wouldn’t say he’s skinny because he’s got the widest hips I’ve ever seen, but his upper body is the stereotypical nerd torso. His ass though… Damn, he’s got an ass most girls would be jealous of. …

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