Tuesday , March 28 2023

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Allejandro and the Gloryhole

I’ve been sucked many times in booths and through glory holes, but I have only sucked a few guys in return. I’m really picky, I guess, but unless a guy’s cock is actually attractive to me, and he’s squeaky clean looking in appearance, dress, grooming, etc., I’m not really interested in him. But I do crave cock every now and then, although I also love sex with women. I guess …

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A story about sex, drugs and more sex

Well, where to begin? I’ll start at the beginning, OK? I’m Jessica and I’m just about to turn 25. I go to college right now and I’m really involved in politics. Actually, I’m involved in what we like to call counter- politics; That is, I’m an Anarchist. I won’t go into the details of the Anarchistic theory(s) but you should at least know that Anarchists hate, but just hate, cops. …

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Beauty Queen Slut (long sex story)

The sun had just gone down and the apartment’s pool area was empty except for my wife, Dee, and the two guys sitting with her in the Jacuzzi. They had been drinking heavily for most of the day. Since I was reporting for two weeks of National Guard summer training the next morning I’d taken it easy on the booze. Now we were running low, so being the semi-sober one …

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