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Bukkake Club

I’d worked at my present job about nine months when I received the invitation. It arrived in a company envelope, and simply looked like any other inter- office correspondence. However, when I opened it, there was a card inside, which read: “Congratulations. You have been invited to become a member of a very exclusive club. If you wish to discover what the club has to offer, please come to the …

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After joining my parents aunt and cousin and his wife sexually on Thanksgiving, we seek others to join us

After my incredible discovery; finding out at Thanksgiving that my parents were having sex with my aunt and dad’s cousin and his wife and them including me – after my horrible divorce – in their fun times, life couldn’t be any better. My parents Bob and Sharon 71 and 68 my aunt Doris 66, my cousin Frank 67 and his wife Sue 64 have been getting naked and having all …

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A Fantasy, From Heaven To Hell

Let me begin by introducing myself, I’m Dave now in the twilight of my years but still reasonably fit and healthy with an active imagination that can run wild occasionally. Sadly I was born before the sexual revolution and so have led a rather straight laced existence, sexually speaking. Currently and hopefully forever I am in a loving relationship with my partner Sally. We have been together for some time …

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Swapping husbands to make baby’s

The day the Jones told us they were moving, I told Laura, I hoped the new neighbors would be as much fun. Laura sighed and said she was going to miss how horny I got from staring at Joan’s huge nipples. I reminded her, of how she teased Jack letting him peek at her panty- covered pussy. Wistfully she wondered out loud if Jack would have liked her pussy if …

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Two girlfriends come up with a scheme to share each other’s husband’s sexual favors

I couldn’t believe my eyes at first. I was standing by the front desk of this swank condominium when I saw a five-foot nine-inch casually dressed black woman get off the elevator. “Aretha, is that you?” “White Girl? Oh my god, what are you doing here?” she called back and came running towards me. We hugged. “I’m here with Greg,” I said, gesturing to my husband who was standing beside …

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