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Voyeur son rescues cheating mother from disaster

Incest stories, Voyeur son rescues cheating mother from disaster, I, Josh, was up early the next morning preparing for my usual carpooling with Sean and two other guys who lived almost next door to Sean and me. As I washed up and dressed and got my stuff together in my back pack I thought about what happened last night. My mind just couldn’t get rid of the images of Sean …

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Michaela is fucked by Her own Son

It’s Thursday evening and the family is all having dinner when the phone rings Michaela answers the phone and hands it to her husband Mike, Michaela and Justin her 26 year son continue with eating their dinner. At the end of the call Mike informs Michaela that he has to go away on a business trip from tomorrow till Monday evening when he should be back home. As the Thursday …

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Fucked my mom by blackmailing

Hi guys, My name is Arjun and the story I am about to tell is real. It is between my mom and me. My mom name is Deepa and she is quite fat and chubby, she is in pure white color, she looks very beautiful, and her sizes are 36-34-40, that means her bra size is 36D and panty size is XXXL. This happened in 2020 lockdown time. Basically, me …

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Tricked My Innocent And Horny Mom In To Incest Sex

This story is all about how a son pleased his mom’s sexual fantasies by introducing her to the incest world. Hi to all my friends and fans of S4S, this is Raj with my fourth part. Monday was very fruitful one for me. One thing I have noticed that day which has taken a turn in my mom’s behavior. Now she started to seduce me with masturbating herself which turned …

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Most beautiful mom

I have always felt my mother is most beautiful and sexy woman I have seen. All my friends and neighbors used to watch her assets. Perfect figure and just 18 years older than me. she always used to change clothes by turning off lights but i could still see. I always imagined her as I masturbated. My father was not giving attention to her as he was into drinking, external …

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A boy returns home to become a man in his mother’s arms

Losing my job hit me like a freight train. Only two years after graduating college, I was not used to this kind of disappointment. With no major assets to worry about, I considered moving back home to save money and look for a new job. The tough part would be breaking the news to Mom and asking if I could move back home. I swallowed hard and worked up the …

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