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Laide’s Surprise Visit

The noise from my phone woke me up, i immediately glanced at the wall clock; 8:13Pm it was; I must have been sleepng for about 2hours or so as i left work around 5pm. My attention went back to the phone trying to guess which of my friends could be calling for for a Friday drink up. I glanced at the Called ID,i must have thought i saw wrong as …

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Uche’s HouseHelp

I am not the kinda guy who would fuck the maid or some street girl as i am very particular about respect and wont like to lose that over an orgasm! But this one is different, Since my best friend Uche employed his new house help, Chinwe, i have asked him repeatedly why he needs one and if he needs one, why employ one so cute? He always told me …

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My First Threesome..

The wetness of something circling my earlobes was what woke me up. Just as i was starting to open my eyes,someone bit my nipples hard sending sweet pleasure and little plain right through my spin. I opened my eyes and and looked beside me and saw my girlfriend, Anna then i looked down and saw her bestfriend, suzzy licking my nipples and she seemed like she was loving it. I …

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“I have worked my ass off for 6 years, maybe it was my turn to get something for it” ; those were the words going through my mind when i heard about being shortlisted among the 3 people who would possibly be sent to South Africa for the Management training coming up next month. But fucking the boss’s daughter and getting caught at it wasn’t going to help. Now let …

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