Monday , August 8 2022

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Rescued by a SSBBW MILF and invited home

I was in the middle of nowhere, the tire on my bicycle had a puncture and it was getting late. My plan to cycle across Western Australia had hit a snag and with the nearest town over 30 miles away I was starting to wonder where I was going to sleep for the night. To make matters worse it had been raining for more than an hour – everyone thinks …

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Master punishes his slave

He whispered into her ear, ‘You’re mine slut all mine. What are you to me?’ ‘Am your slut, Sir’. ‘Yes you are. What else are you to me, Slut?’ ‘Am nothing to you Sir, other than your worthless slut!’ ‘Now on your knees slut and wait there for ten minutes and repeat “I am nothing other than your worthless slut” and when you have finished saying that, go down the …

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A new neighbor asks me to let her be my bitch

I’m a married lady who likes a little pussy on the side now and then, something my husband knows nothing about and I’ve had a few subs through the years. I like the subservient cunts, they are easy to manipulate and always take good care of my pussy. A new family moved in down the street from us, Helen, she’s a blue eyed blond with great legs and a lousy …

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