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A Girl and Her Horse

Angered by her argument with her boyfriend Mike, Lisa had wanted some time to think alone. She had saddled her black stallion ‘Buck’ and was now riding him west along a ridge top. Lisa decided that perhaps some time away from the male of her species was what she needed, which might be difficult to accomplish because she was a ravishing 20 year old. And Lisa’s mind was just as …

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B-grade Sex With Three Women

Hi I am Rock, 6 Feet Tall, Does work-out Regularly So Muscular, handsome, kind of Dominant Personality. Let’s Come Back To My Masala Movie Which Has Taken Place With Three Married Ladies At Different Time And Situations But All This Was In My Home. First Women Was Sujatha(Name Changed) She Is My Mothers Friend Has Bust Size Of 38 Tits, 34 Hips And 40 Ass She Is Curvy. Her Husband …

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A Girl Fantasy

My friend Jasmine had this Rocky, he was a big fluffy bear like Rocky. He was always so sweet to me when I would visit Jasmines. He would sometimes shove his nose onto my crotch but Jasmine would push him off and scold him for being so “inappropriate” to her guests. I used to think nothing of it but back then I was younger and hadn’t hit puberty. I was …

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